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Everyone, I'm looking for a good "remixer" (*if such a word exists.)
'Cause I'm planning that for every performance, we'll only use a single .lch file/audio file (*which contains all the songs in that particular performance.), so that it wouldn't be such a bother to the players.
(*if crowd noises can be inserted, that would be good too. )
You will be welcomed to the team, included in the game credits, and will have a chance to be in the game with the name of your choice.
(*desired output: .mp3's)

Lastly, I'm planning a re-release of DEMO 2, after maybe a few months..(*yep, i'll not be hacking for a while since school has started here already.) Entitled: "Pokemon Scandal --Live Tour-- Demo 2 Remaster.", which I plan to include heavy graphical enhancements, and, as I mentioned earlier.. The remixed tracks.


Oh, and ideas are also accepted. In order to improve this game, I need your feedback.
I want everyone to be interested in the game even if they don't know Scandal at all.
And for that, I need to know what interests you people.

That's all. Thanks!


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