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    For the setmapfooter command/script in XSE, you're required to know the map footer for the map. Some people suggest subtracting the map footer table from the pointer to map footer offset, but there's a much easier way. I also think that method only works with Emerald, because since no one has posted the map footer table for Fire Red on these forums, I had to reverse find the "table," but using that number did not work with other maps than the map that I used to reverse find it. I probably checked my math, offsets, and pointers countless times, and I'm positive that method doesn't work with Fire Red.

    This, however DOES work with Fire Red, along with Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.
    1. Go into Advance Map.
    2. Choose a map you want the setmapfooter command to work with.
    3. Go to header.
    4. CTRL+H for professional settings.
    5. Find the 19th byte in the Map Header (long strand of bytes under Map Settings)
    6. That 19th byte is what you will use.
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