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Sorry for the double post, but this one is gonna be a big one, that includes a whole new run, so....


-Grinded everyone up to Lv.72. Pretty painful, but getting my hands on a Lucky Egg helped out quite a bit
-The Red fight was a lot of luck and a lot of item use. My main strategy was to get a Sandstorm up at the very beginning and then praying for Blizzard misses. EVeryone played their part


The Team:

Tucker the Noctowl ♂, Lv. 72 @ Light Clay
Ability: Insomnia
-Shadow Ball
-Air Slash

Roy the Golem ♂, Lv. 72 @ Hard Stone
Ability: Rock Head
-Rock Slide

Dany the Dragonite ♀, Lv. 72 @ Magnet
Ability: Inner Focus
-Aqua Tail
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw

Ulfric the Pinsir ♂, Lv. 72 @ Black Belt
Ability: Mold Breaker
-Swords Dance
-Brick Break

Ser Jorah the Ursaring ♂, Lv. 72 @ NeverMeltIce
Ability: Guts
-Rock Climb
-Shadow Claw

HM Slaves:
Ferris the Totodile: Cut, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall
Knightbus the Hoothoot: Fly
Togepi: Rock Smash


Ultimate Monocolor Brown Ruby First and FINAL update! :D:D:D

Name: Sienna (went with a girl this time)
Starter: Reginald the Mudkip

-After the starting things, caught the first real member of the team on Route 102, Scherzo the Seedot! Also caught Zach the Zigzagoon for HM purposes
-Reginald pretty much has to babysit Scherzo until we learn a new attacking move other than Bide, cause Bide is too risky for my liking
-Caught a Slakoth in Petalburg Woods to trade in Rustboro for Makit the Makuhita
-Got Makit up to Lv. 14 then took on Roxanne. It was a bit rough because he was ignoring orders, but it got done
-Realized Bullet Seed wasn’t the item behind the bush on Route 104 but obtained from the guy by the flower shop. Taught it to Scherzo nonetheless.
-Scherzo evolved into Nuzleaf going towards The Tunnel
-Sailed to Dewford and went to Granite Cave where we saw the return of our good friend Horace the Abra!
-Went blindly through the cave to talk to Steven, took a quick trip back up to Rustboro to get the Exp Share to slap on Horace till he evolves
-Sailed to Slateport to train on the trainers there, then finished up back in Granite Cave where Horace evolved into Kadabra and learned Confusion
-Horace then proceeded to utterly decimate Brawly and his Gym. Taught Makit Bulk Up.
-Got up to Mauville and tried to take on the Gym right away. Big mistake.
-While training up on the routes around it, Makit evolved into Hariyama, who then proceeded to take on Wattson by himself. Taught Horace Shock Wave.
-Caught the next member of our team, Thomas the Torkoal, in Fiery Pass
-Got to Fallarbor, went to That Cave, beat up That Boss Guy on The Mountain, went to Lavaridge
-Thomas and Makit took out Flannery with no issue
-Norman was simple as anything with Thomas’ Protect
-Caught Airbus the Tropius for very-near-future HM use
-Saved the Weather Place, killed Brendan
-Winona was actually pretty tough, ended up coming down to Thomas using Iron Defense.
-Found the Leaf Stone on route 119 and evolved Scherzo into Shiftry. Taught him Aerial Ace.
-Dealt with some Team Magma Things at Mt. Pyre and their hideout.
-Beat Tate & Liza with some difficulty
-Since that was the seventh gym, got a Wailmer up to Lv. 40 so it evolved, caught a Relincath, then went to do the silly things I needed to do to catch the last member of the team, Regirock (who I forgot to nickname :S)! Used the Master Ball cause I’m lazy
-Scherzo, Makit, and Horace took out Wallace with little issue.
-Victory Road was actually kind of rough to get through.
-VBA Linked me an Alakazam
-Grinded everyone up to Lv. 55, which didn’t take too too long with the Speed button on the emulator
-Then we took on the E4! Sidnet got utterly demolished by Makit, Thomas, and Scherzo
-Phoebe got crushed by Scherzo, Makit, and Regirock
-Glacia was taken out by Makit and Horace
-Drake was a team effort, with Regirock pulling out ahead slightly to be the MVP
-Steven was pretty easy, with Makit being the MVP but everyone played their part


The Team:

Scherzo the Shiftry ♀, Lv. 56
Ability: Chlorophyll
-Aerial Ace
-Faint Attack
-Giga Drain

MAKIT the Hariyama ♂, Lv. 59 @ Soft Sand
Ability: Guts
-Bulk Up
-Brick Break

Horace the Alakazam ♂, Lv. 56
Ability: Inner Focus
-Future Sight
-Shock Wave

Thomas the Torkoal ♂, Lv. 55 @ Quick Claw
Ability: White Smoke
-Heat Wave
-Sludge Bomb
-Body Slam

Regirock, Lv. 55
Ability: Clear Body
-Rock Throw

HM Slaves:
Airbus the Tropius: Fly
Wailord: Surf, Dive, Waterfall, Rock Smash