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Post #2 : The Road to Cerulean City!

-Made my way through a little cave, got a fossil.
-Defeated MISTY, walked out with my second badge.
-Destroyed GREEN.
-Went through Nugget Bridge, the game wouldnt let me join Team Rocket...
-Did Bill a favor.
-Took a trip on the S.S. Anne!
-Beat GREEN again. Got CUT!
-Caught an ODDISH! :D (None of my normal guys can learn cut... Come'on Raticate!)
-Leveled up Raticate a bit, I know surge is going to have a field day with my birds...
-Defeated everyone with my Rat... Disapointing.
-Alright, going through Rock Tunnel by memory! Of course no flash. ;P
-And I was careless... Take 2!
-Finaly made it through, only to almost get KO'd by the Hikers outside the cave...
-And Break Time.

TEAM: Raticate Lvl. 33
Pidgeotto Lvl. 30
Fearow Lvl. 21
Oddish Lvl. 16
Badges : 3
I laugh looking at this.

But sometimes I want to come back to it...