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    I just read there's a possibility for more than two seasons, but it isn't for sure yet. That would be great if there were!


    Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
    2. Korra getting her bending back. I was hoping that season 2 would be about her finding a way to get her bending back.
    3. Korra controlling the Avatar state so well. Like, really? Aang was by far
    more spiritual than she was, and much less rash than her as well, and it took him episodes (maybe even a whole season, I can't remember) to learn to control that. She got it down pact in a few seconds and could snap out of it on her own and everything! I liked how she entered the state, and thought it was really cool, but her control over it is slightly disappointing.

    At the end of the episode, I saw the whole second season being about Korra's journey to delve deep into the spiritual side of being the Avatar and using that to journey towards figuring out how to get her bending back. Maybe even learn control and a little reserve with her bending since airbending is the only one she knew then. So that was a little disappointing to me. Plus the episode just felt extremely conclusive, so I wonder now which direction the next season will go in. Well, the writers have done a good job so far... I'll put my trust in them.

    As for the Avatar State, I couldn't tell if Korra really had control of it or
    if it was Aang really acting through her. Like when Aang could go in and out of the Avatar State without realizing it (though Korra wasn't destructive if that was the case like Aang tended to be). Guess I'll figure that out later...

    ...and on a sad side-note, I guess I should change my signiture. Not like there's going to be anymore new episodes anytime soon
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