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Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
Since Azelf is using a max HP spread, it's not likely that Focus Sash will activate. You could consider going for max Special Attack to give Psychic a bit more power, but that's up to you. Another option to consider would be to use U-turn over Reflect to hit opponents as you switch, but again, that's up to you.

Isn't the point of Dragon Dance ChestoRest Kingdra to set up DD as many times as you can before Resting off the damage and status, then proceeding to sweep? Unless I'm missing something here, you can change Kingdra's EV spread to a more bulkier one (168 HP/164 Atk/4 SDef/172 Spe). Since Rest is on that set, it may be a better idea to use Chesto Berry as the item, since Lum Berry will automatically cure any status you may get mid-setup, which could render the point of Rest moot. Like Azelf, those options are up to you.
It activates alot and those HP Ev's have saved me more often then not. An example would be I can Taunt + Reflect + SR a Bronzong without being 2HKO'ed by it's Gyro Ball, if I don't have them I do got 2HKO'ed. There are a few more examples. U-Turn is interesting though, I'll take a look at that.

I've explained why I prefer Lum, I've been parahaxed before I can Rest it off multiple times. Does using Lum waste a moveslot? Kinda but Rest is not my most frequent move and assuming I miss being statusesed I can still Chesto Rest. Bulky Kingdra was my first set I used actually but I found it lacked speed and power in certain cases and Kingdra is reasonably bulky even without defensive EV's.

Thanks for the input
Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

Azelf only has base 75 Hp and 70 defense. It's likely that it'll activate. And I agree with him, replace Lum with Chesto, as you'll probably get paralysis and burns thrown at you which will activate Lum ruining your ChestoRest. Your team looks pretty solid tbh and doesn't look like it needs any major changes.
Exactly and see above for my response.