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    Originally Posted by Cartmic View Post
    First of all sorry to high-jack these questions Danny-E 33.

    Are you going to wear clothes like Koolboyman man did? Are you going to live on the east coast like Koolboyman did?

    No disrespect to Koolboyman, he's a real gem of a ROM hacker, a very dedicated one at that, who I respect very highly, but when I see questions like this I just think why doesn’t the question asker just go right a ahead an replay brown, it's like every red hack has to feature the same features as brown time after time, it really bugs me when I'm asked this when I post a Pokemon Violet thread, I don't know about you but surely that gets a little uninspiring after awhile like the countless cover-versions of Unchained Melody. Isn't it time people just waited in expectation to see if the other red hacks have something new to offer? seems like I have to take a lexotanil before I ever try to ask something again!

    Sorry, Sir, I didn't mean to offend anyone, the only reason I even mentioned Koolboyman is because Pokemon Brown is pretty much the only Generation 1 hack I saw having Pokemon from other generations!

    And....yeah, that's pretty much it!



    Attention, this is satirical, Sir MaX never has any harsh feelings towards his fellow forumers, at least not for silly reasons!
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