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    Full Name: Lucas Harding

    Age (16+):



    Lucas stands at 1.7 meters tall, and possesses a lean build. He is quite pale, and his sharp features are framed by dirty blonde hair and unshaven chin. He is often seen wearing a thick black jacket over a green shirt (he has several) and black jeans. He constantly carries a backpack, and can sometimes be seen with a pair of bird-watching binoculars around his neck. His Swablu, Atlus, is perched on him so often that she might as well be classified as an article of clothing.

    Personality: Most of the time, Lucas is incredibly casual and laid-back, preferring to lounge around and not commit himself to much. He isn’t always very chatty, preferring to keep his words to himself if possible and answer questions briefly. When he does feel like talking, though, he is prone to going off on bizarre tangents, making puns and sometimes overacting just to see what provokes others. He’d happily classify himself as a follower and not a leader, but will never violate his own principles.

    When he does feel like doing something, he will stop at nothing to accomplish it, sometimes sacrificing essentials such as food and sleep to obtain them, often even ignoring all contact with the outside world.

    He loves bird watching and bird pokémon in general, and will often spend hours at a time gazing at the skies and watching their inhabitants. He often brings food, such as Lavaridge’s specialty (Lava Cookies) along with him to get up close to them and attempt to befriend them.

    When it comes to battles, Lucas will usually attempt to weasel his way out of challenges, as he considers himself somewhat pacifist. If he has to battle, he prefers trickery and abstract strategies over brutal offense.

    Lucas was born in Lavaridge town to Alexis, a local who had lived there for some time, and Jeremy, a man who had recently moved from Fortree at the time. While tourists came and went, the actual community was fairly concrete, and everyone knew each other.

    When he was 6, his parents divorced and his mother, Alexis, left for Slateport. As a result, he was rapidly integrated into the town as ‘Ol’ Jeremy’s kid’, and was taught out how to bake the town’s specialty, the Lava Cookie, to keep traditions running and hopefully his father from returning to Fortree.

    On his twelfth birthday, he was gifted a pair of professional bird watching binoculars and a trainer’s license, but his father was unable to afford a starter for him. So instead of training pokémon, he took up bird watching. It was difficult, due to living in a mountain ridge, so one day a few months later his father took him on a long trek, out to the route southeast of Fallarbor Town. It was there he met and befriended Atlus the Swablu, and caught her with a pokéball his father had prepared for such an occasion.

    Some years later, Lucas’ father announced he was leaving the town for Kanto. Saddened by this eventuality, the townspeople tried to convince Lucas to go on a journey, pooling all their money together to get him a second pokémon: A Minccino. They then managed to make him face the town’s Gym Leader, Flannery, in combat. She was coerced into limiting her team to two, to match Lucas’, and he emerged victorious, gaining his one and only Hoenn badge before leaving.

    After moving to Kanto, he lived a relatively simple life in Celadon City until receiving a ticket for a certain cruise…


    Species: Swablu

    Nickname: Atlus

    Level: 26

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Natural Cure

    Moveset: Peck, growl, Sing, Fury Attack, Roost and Safeguard.

    Personality: Atlus is incredibly cheery. A curious, somewhat rebellious and naïve soul, she is often found perched atop Lucas’ head. She can be little dim sometimes, but is surprisingly skilled in combat considering how rarely she participates. Humble yet confident, she prefers to confound foes with a variety of status problems, and then let Swish finish them off. She absolutely loves lava cookies, and at first this was the reason she got along with Lucas.

    Short Bio: Atlus was Lucas’ first pokémon, caught when her flock was roosting in preparation for a migration from route 114 to route 115. Lucas attracted her to him using a lava cookie as bait, before going in for the catch. She didn’t particularly care, apparently, as the pokéball didn’t shake once.

    From then on she was his companion, almost constantly kept out of her pokéball and well known among Lavaridge Town’s population for stealing food. When Lucas challenged Flannery before leaving for Kanto, she led the charge, putting the Gym Leader’s Slugma and later her Torkoal to sleep, each time returning so that Swish could inflict some solid damage.

    When they reached Kanto, Atlus’ roaming suddenly became far more restricted due to changes in social structure – not everyone knew her, and it was far more likely for her small acts of thievery to land them in trouble. As a result, she became more mischievous in other ways.


    Nickname: Swish

    Level: 21

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Skill Link

    Moveset: Dig, Swift, Encore, and Doubleslap.

    Personality: Swish is almost the polar opposite of Atlus. Snarky, moody and savvy yet obedient, he prefers to stay out of his pokéball but unlike her does not really care if he is stored in it, as long as he gets some fresh air every so often. He also refuses to eat Lava Cookies, apparently finding them too spicy for his liking. He is also rather arrogant, believing himself to be above others, and like his trainer, loves to exaggerate and overact, revelling in melodrama.

    Short Bio: Swish was bred by a professional Breeder, and then handed over to Lucas after the people of Lavaridge Town handed over a decent-sized sum of cash. From the get-go, he saw himself as Atlus’ rival, constantly competing. Atlus disagreed, but that didn’t stop him from trying to outperform her in every way. The two occasionally got into fights, but it was manageable, thanks to his respect for authority.

    When Lucas reached Kanto, Swish suddenly started being let out of his pokéball more open. Surprised by this change, but none the less fairly accepting of the change, his ego grew even more. This in turn caused him to grow more careless in the few battles that he entered in, slowly warping the team’s perception of him.
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