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Ryudo took his first step off the ship and paused to take in the crisp air.

"So here it is, our next test... C'mon guys, let's go."

He looked down at the room pass and rule book that he had been handed on the ship. 'Space House. Partner: Malik Daniel.' He decided to give the book a quick skim and look around the island a little before meeting his partner; he knew his Pokémon could do with a break too after the training they'd been put through on the ferry. He gazed around whilst slowly scouting the area, noticing some performers setting up their stalls. They were all too busy to talk, but Ryudo was more than happy to help one elderly woman set up her stage containing a couple giant hoops and a huge tank of water; he made note that he'd have to make sure to return later to see exactly what her act was. He continued to lazily wander the island in hopes of some kind of adventure sparking up, but there were few people around this early as everyone was busy setting up for the weeks to come so he headed over to the beach and let his Pokémon have some fun relaxing in the sand. After killing some time with Emolga, Ryudo made his way over to the main complex before checking in at the registration counter and being directed to his room. "This way, please!"

The room was quite simply wondrous. Ryudo took note of the long purple velvet ribbons draped down from the ceiling against the pale pink walls. This was obviously meant to represent Palkia; the Pokémon of legend supposedly responsible for creating and maintaining space. Though he didn't believe these myths for a second; no one Pokémon could be capable of such an enormous feat. Two towering bed chambers were present at the back of the room atop a wonderfully shaggy purple carpet that spanned right from wall to wall. "Mm, can't wait to try those out", he thought to himself. The room was equipped with more than enough entertainment systems to keep anyone occupied and a whole bookshelf full of literature if you prefer to read, but none of this mattered to Ryudo as he was already exhausted from the trip and so collapsed on the soft purple bed. The ambient music in the background was simply too relaxing for Ryudo to stay awake, making him drift off to sleep as he heard footsteps approaching the room.
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