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    This is my first RP on PC and my second anywhere =P so please give me feed back I WOULD REALLY LOVE TIPS because I am kinda sorta not really semi struggling with this, and i'm nervous that I will not do good and embarrass my self. So all support and help is gladly welcome.

    Name: Roger
    Gender: Male
    Region: Sinnoh
    Pokemon/District: Floatzel from 7
    Roger is mid sized at 6'04" and is fit from all his swimming. He has two pointed blue fins on its arms and two tails. Roger has a inflatable boat around his neck. It gives the impression of a swimmer with a towel draped around its shoulders. If Roger laid on its back, the boat round its neck could also be interpreted as a sort of inflatable dinghy using its tails as a propeller and its fins as oars. The small fins under his arms are used to glide through water smoothly and quick. Its forelimbs and tails are tipped with cream coloration, and there is a teardrop-shaped orange pattern voided in Floatzel’s cream lower belly. Roger also has a circular cream spot in the center of its head, cream-colored eyelids and a pattern of two black triangles on the edges of its cream muzzle. He is
    Personality: Roger has a good sense of humor and tries to stay positive. He tries to follow in the footsteps of his little brother and be bright and positive to keep his father happy. He has picked up things from his mother and helps pokemon who are in need, and heals their wounds. He occasionally swims around the local rivers and makes sure people don't drown. If in the case of someone drowning he uses his flotation sac to save them. Even in spite of her mother being persecuted for helping pokemon that are being tortured by Team Rocket, he helps all in need. He is semi-timid most of the time but he has quite a temper. Even though he tries to keep his attitude up, he only holds in his anger and lets it build up inside of him and has a sometimes has a burst of anger at anyone who angers him in the slightest bit. To calm himself he goes to the river for a swim, and catches some fish. Swimming and hunting fish are the only joys he has in his life, except for his friend, and his brother.
    History: I was raised in the Northern part of Sinnoh with my father, Empoleon, my little brother, Buizel, and my mother who was killed by Team Rocket for taking in "Criminals" before I was born, and my friend, Eve who was a Glacieon that died in the hunger games from a sandstorm in the Hunger Games, I resent Team Rocket for these reasons! My brother is a light hearted happy Buizel never with a frown. He is always getting into trouble and I have to keep him under control. Over the years we have survived off of Goldeens that me and my brother caught together daily. We also have loved Goldeens actually, but it is a crime in our district, so we have to be discrete about it. None of team rocket's grunts have ever come to stop us, but in the case of that happening we would have to try to swim away because if was caught poaching they would kill me without a doubt, and my dad is in no condition to be working in construction and catch fish all himself. Our family always was poor, and we barely get enough for a measly little shellos at the black market.
    Sample: Roger let out a sigh as he stretched out from a good nights rest in the ice cave. He wrapped a blanket around him and walked out to the mouth of the cave and watched as the sun rose. Out of no where Buizel came running over to give me a hug, the way he does every morning. "Hey! I didn't know you were up," I said surprised. to see him so early. "How did you sleep?"
    "Good, are you going to go catch some Goldeen or something soon?"
    "Later," I replied. I can't stop thinking about my mother, Eve, what Team Rocket has done to so many people. Reaping day is nearing and I feel angry and nervous, a combination of emotions that isn't very pretty. I try to calm myself by going to the river to get some breakfast. I catch 2 Shellos, a Goldeen, and a Frillish. The water is icy cold today, so i'm not surprised I couldn't find many fish around. Can't stay in this water too long or i'll get frostbite. Wish I was like Dad, then I could stay in for as long as I wanted. I start thinking about reaping day again as I walk back to the cave. I haven't been picked throughout the last 5 years, the chances are that i'll be picked this year. I can't think about that! I have to focus on taking care of Dad, and Buizel. I push the negative thoughts out of my head and continue home.

    2 weeks later...

    I sleep in extra late this morning, not wanting to go to the reaping. I lie in the cave, dreading having to go the reaping, almost knowing I will get picked. Eventually Buizel comes and pulls me up. "Come on Roger! We have to go to the reaping today," Buizel says. He is even enthused when it comes to the Hunger Games, oh brother.
    "Yes son, I know you don't want to go but it is the law," my dad says in the deep authoritativeness voice that he tends to have.
    "Ok, ok, i'm going," I reply
    When we arrive at Vellstone City, we take our seats and wait for the reaping to begin. I think of Eve. Killed in a sandstorm put there by the game makers. I think of the way she taught me to slide down the snow. We used to have races to see who could get down the fastest. My thoughts are interrupted by the voice of Giovanni the creator of the Hunger Games. "Welcome to the 67th Hunger Games!" Giovanni exclaims. It is silent. The crowd isn't rowdy or cheering. It's just silent, because no one is excited. Some are afraid, some nervous, and like me, infuriated! He begins reading the list of past victors from our district. "Charizard, Kyorgre, and Tyranitar! Congratulations to all 3 of you!" Yes, in 67 years, we have only 3 victors, to us the Hunger Games is basically a death sentence! The Pokemon take their seats on the stage and take a few seconds to settle in. "Now it is time for me to pick the names of the tributes who will be representing District 7!" I roll my eyes annoyed at Giovanni's excitement. "The lucky girl to represent District 7 in the hunger games is... Isis, the Glaceon!"
    "Yeah she sure is lucky!" I say sarcastically under my breath. I have never meet Isis before yet I feel a pain in my heart because she looks so much like Eve thats it almost unreal! She trots down to the podium, once getting there, whipping back her left ear out of her face.
    "Now for the boy tribute to be sacr-" Giovanni, cut himself off. "I mean to represent district 7!'
    "Smooth..." Roger says under his breath. Giovanni reaches around a while inside the crystal ball that holds thousands of slips of paper 50 of them with my name on them, the odds are not in my favor.
    "Roger, the Floatzel!

    My heart beats faster and faster. I stumble to the stage holding back tears...i'm dead.

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