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    I hope this will do. This is a bit of a different direction from how my characters usually are, but I had a ton of fun creating him. xD The above-average physical and mental capabilities are meant to justify Richter's knowledge of the move he wouldn't normally learn.

    Name: Richter Surge, a.k.a Experiment 632-9-B (FAILURE)
    Gender: Male
    Region: Kanto
    Pokemon/District: Raichu from Region 1

    Richter stands at a towering (for his species) three feet, two inches, a result of the genetic experiments performed on him. Also in deviation from the apperance of a normal Raichu, his eyes are blue, though this is natural. Otherwise, Richter's coloration his normal, though his pelt conceals several scars from his troubled past. This raichu's fur is overgrown and scruffy in some places, as he cares little for his appearance. His chest and limbs contain more muscle than usual for his species, but he is still far from being on par with a Fighting type. Richter does not normally wear clothes, save for a crimson scarf around his neck. This scarf is occasionally placed over his mouth and nose to conceal his identity, and is also a Surge family heirloom. It was given to him by a Rocket executive as a 'peace offering.' Richter only wears it so that he can feign loyalty while accomplishing his own goals.
    Personality: Richter is a Pokemon of few words, not wanting much to do with anyone weak. He harbors an extreme hatred for Team Rocket due to the experiments they performed on him, but has little tolerance for humans in general, be they with the syndicate or not. To Pokemon, he is more willing to listen, but is still very much all business, and shows little signs of actual emotion. Though outwardly cold and aloof, Richter dreams of an age when Team Rocket is just a memory, not just for himself but all of Pokemonkind.

    With the intelligence of a supercomputer, Richter is calculating, and can solve complex puzzles with ease. Despite this, he is severely lacking in social skills, and has no desire to become "friends" with anyone, unless they can assist him with his goal of toppling Team Rocket. Though alwys acting harsh, Richter does possess a softer side despite rarely showing it. When someone important to him is in danger, he will do anything in his power to protect them.
    History Richter descends from a long, proud line of Pikachu and Raichu. In a bygone age, his great grandfather was in the ownership of a famed Gym Leader from Kanto, and to this day they still carry his name: Surge. Richter was born into one of the wealthiest families in Kanto's District One, though that's really not saying much. Since Team Rocket's takeover, the Surge family has held a reputation of disloyalty to their oppresive rulers, and because of this are often at odds with other Pokemon in a distritct largely supportive of the syndicate. Richter was taken from his family by Team Rocket when he was but a little Pichu, as punishment for his father's attempt to steal secret documents from their headquarters.

    Spending his childhood in a steel cage, Richter evolved into his next stage from a desire for power rather than bonding with someone. As he grew, the Rockets performed various experiments on him, including injecting him with the DNA of humans and other Pokemon. This caused certain mutations in Richter, the most noticable result being his large size. His brain also developed exponentially, and he became far more intelligent than any human, though still below that of Psychic-type Pokemon.

    As a teenager, Richter was forcibly evolved again with a Thunderstone, and as his mind developed, he became harder for the Rocket scientists to control. After completely destroying a laboratory in a fit of rage, he was determined a failure and was to be disposed of. A Rocket executive took notice in the Raichu's abilities, however, and became quite interested. It was then determined that Richter was to take part in the upcoming Hunger Games, and should he suceed he would be allowed to return to his family. Though he had no trust for the executive, Richter agreed, knowing he could use this opportunity for his own end. He could care less for the other Tributes, and planned to use them as a distraction while he trained even more in secret. If he could convince any other competitors to work with him, he would allow it, but he was just as willing to work alone to exact his revenge on Team Rocket and free all Pokemon from their grasp. If nothing else, he desires to use the Hunger Games as a means to get close to Team Rocket's high-ranking officers.
    Roleplay Sample Not even two hours old. =P
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