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Name: Kurami "Dark Beauty"
Gender: Female
Region: Johto
Pokemon/District: 4

Kurami, like her name suggests, is literally a dark beauty. She's always known she's been good looking and has always prided herself on this aspect. She takes extreme care of her dark black furr, resembling the eternal blackness of the night sky of which she was born under. Although it looks quite tight, flat and smooth, her furr is rather fluffy and soft. The colour of her furr also enables her to perfectly camouflage and fit seamlessly into her surroundings when it's dark. (Night) Unfortunately for her it's not the same scenario when in a light environment, especially when the sun's up, as her dark furr makes a bold statement to any eye that crosses her path.

Her slender legs, rounded paws and slim body allow her to run at high speeds, jump and bounce swiftly across, over and off her surroundings. Her radiant glow illuminates even the darkest of places, and even though one might think that this gives enemies the edge in finding her location whilst immersed in darkness, they're wrong. She's able to convenitently control such glow at will. However, this glow also may change without her control, depending on her mental and physical conditions.

As Kurami prides herself on her beauty, her personality follows the same. Although this usually isn't the case when interacting with others. Kurami takes extreme care of how she is percieved by others, and will often, if not always, put herself before others to upkeep her social status, or enhance her reputation. For the most part she's seen as the naive and vulnerable type.

What many fail to realise however, is that beneath her self-centred, 'naive' exterior, lay a very intelligent and quick witted individual. She is the queen of deception and persuasion. Her superb manipulation of words accompaynied by her beautful physique allows Kurami to control and heavily influence the actions and thoughts of others. As a result of this, many find it hard to distinguish what she speaks, is true or a cunning cluster of lies.

Kurami was raised as an egg, hatched and lived with a clan of murkrow and honchkrow. After many years elapsed, Kurami grew and matured, coming the realisation of what was happening around her. Team Rocket soon began to dominate the world, her home, her family and any attempt to find the reason she never knew her real parents all came crashing down. Her hopes, dreams and desires vanished.

Not long before her entry into the Pokemon Hunger Games, Kurami was living somewhat peacfully with her murkrow family. Terribly, many of the honchkrow who raised her, were kidnapped; used as tools by Team Rocket grunts to further extend their control and inflict pain and suffering on pokemon to whom they believed were inferior. Kurami lived on the brink of poverty. Every day felt like a constant battle with sanity and death. She never felt free, always surrounded by danger, she never found a place to feel completey safe, completely invinsible, completely happy. Although having this dwelling, gloomy sense of vulnerability looming over her on a daily basis, Kurami was enjoy the best life under poverty one could have. She had the basics, the necessities, such as food and water, and would often sneak a few more bellyfulls of food and water rations if she could when the local guard was too busy dealing with the pesky smeargle who'd paint their food over the Team Rocket guardposts. Kurami actually enjoyed their food art, they even drew her once; it was quite accurate, except for the fact that her left leg was where her right ear should've been.

After finishing her final pair of team rocket boots one evening, Kurami decided to indugle in her usualy sneaky snippet of extra food in the outside meadows. To her horror however she was caught by a grunt who just happened to be slacking off their job too, and was captured and help captive until it was decided she were to participate in the 67th anual Pokemon Hunger Games as punishement. Now, with one thing in her sight, to survive, Kurami will do everything she can to ensure she'll be the last Pokemon standing.

Roleplay Sample: Undiscovered Legends
James Riverstone
#1 - The Offer

"Now Aggron, lets finish things off!" I yelled to Aggron.

Aggron's steely claws extended rapidly, scythes of pure, sharp metal now protruding from it's stumpy hands. The heavy giant thumped quickly toward its opponent, until finally slicing the challenger's Marowak. At the corner of my eye I could see an unfamilar figure enter the viewing box high above the side of the battlefield where normal trainers would usually observe my battles. Turning my head slightly to obtain clear view, I came to realise that this unknown person was a beefy, tall man wearing a suit. He must be here on business, dressed like that, I thought. I don't usually get individuals in such attire in here, I mostly see trainers dressed in the new and hip clothes of today, more than one of them wearing clothes that reveal to much flesh for my tastes.

With a quick twist of my head, I returned my attention to the battle at hand. The Marowak fell to the ground, exhausted and in pain before falling unconcious.

The referee's montonous voice echoed through my vast battle facility, "The battle between Frontier Leader James and the Challenger Mindy has concluded. Marowak, is unable to battle! Therefore, Aggron wins, and Frontier Leader James is declared the winner!"

A flood of relief stormed throughout my body, my spine chilled from hearing such words. I glanced up at Mindy, my opponent, her facial expression exemplifying a devastated state. I slowly approached her, Aggron thumping slowly behind me.

"Nice work there," I said softly, "You nearly had me there with your bone rush deflection."

She looked up slowly. Trying to hide her tears she swiped her eye quickly, and raised her head to speak, "Well, it wasn't enough, I better get back to training." She replied, almost choking on her sadness.

I extended by hand, it was only out of good sportsmanship that I should do so. Her soft silk like skin of her hand grasped mine firmly, our eyes met for a breif couple of seconds before nodding out heads.

Subtracting her arm from mine, she dashed off toward the exit, snatching up her pokeballs and her bag. Her shining brown hair swinging to and fro, from left to right like a horses tail as she made her way out.

"Hmmmph." I sigh out of exhaustionm before turning to Aggron, as beefy and strong as ever.

"Nice work, that Marowak was no match for you was it?
I asked, proceeding to pat it's sleek steel head.

Aggron groaned in relief, he always liked me rubbing there, you could say that was his weak spot.

"Now, time to take a rest." I said quietly and out of breath.

I reached for Aggron's pokeball, clicking it out of it's place and returning Aggron to it's ball in a flash of red light.

I reattach Aggron to my belt and begin to walk into the changing rooms to take a shower. I've gotten more sweaty than I've realised, not to mention how stinky. Before I do however, I'm interrupted by Mason my referee and best friend.

"James, James," he puffed, running up to me, nearly tripping over his own two feet.

"Woah, haha, careful, you'll trip." I say, giggling.

"There is someone here to see you," he said. "He's not in the most casual attire, but he's nice nonetheless."

"Aaah, I see." I say, "I'll just have a shower and I'll be right over!"

My dreams of imersing myself into the warm and cleansing water of the changeroom showers was thwarted as Mason replied.

"Oh no, he said it's quite urgent, and that he's got an offer to make."

"An offer?" I ask curious.

Intruiged by this sudden visit and this mystery offer I deicded to take mason's words and visit the man in the viewing box. I twist the doorknob slowly and somewhat hesitantly. Even in my own domain, I'm a little nervous at this new visitor. As I open the door, the man turns around quickly, his gaze centered on me and no longer on the battle between two my regulars. I focussed my eyes into his, waiting anxiously for his first words.

"Well, well, well," he repeated. "You're quite the battler aren't you?" His musky, deep voice the only sound that I can seem to hear besides my busy-beating heart.

Taken aback by this compliment, I stutter back, "Uh w-well thanks, I suppose."

"You suppose?" he chuckles, "You're brilliant, your technique is superb, your strategies are complex and the unison between you and your pokemon is near perfection. I'm not surprised you're on my boss' list."

Ignoring the extra compliments, I ponder on his words. "Boss' list?"

"What list?" I ask sharply.

"A list I was given by my boss of the top trainers around the globe, a list of trainers who are crucial to his plans, a list of trainers who are offered the chance to catch legendary Pokemon."

"What!" I raise my voice in disbelief.

"Don't be stupid, legendary pokemon are just that; that of legends!" I now somewhat yell.

I'm angered by his statement.

"You sure? Have you even seen a Legendary Pokemon?"

Feeling defeated I whisper, "Well no..."

"Then how can you say such things? How can you deny what you do not know?" The man's voice now adopting the tone of mine only several minutes ago.

Increasingly angered I snap, "Well have you seen a legendary Pokemon? Why are you believing things that you do not know yourself?"

"That's not entriely true." The man said slowly, his voice now returning to a moderate volume. "Have you ever been told stories of these legendary Pokemon when you were young? Were you told of their amazing powers, their dumfounding abilities? I'm sure if you have, you will be able to see that everything we interact with in life, everything that exists as life, is due to these Pokemon. Questions that even the most advanced technology and scientific brains cannot determine the cause for.

"Well yes.." I begin to think. "My Grandpa used to tell me stories of such legendary Pokemon, their amazing powers of healing and destruction, their crucial presence into keeping the world of Pokemon and humans in peace and balanced. When grandpa passed, I never heard those tales again, I'd ask my father but he'd always punish me for mentioning the topic."

"Why did you think your father punished you? Why would he deny his own father's 'tales'? Don't you see, these Pokemon do exists, it's just that over the decades society's recognition of these brilliant pokemon has tarnished, and these legends now, just known as tales and folklore." The man explained.

"Well if what you're saying is true, what will this offer include? What will it entail, what will I gain from this?" I ask. "You do know I do have responsibitlites, such as running the place we're standing in right now, my battle facility."

"I understand." He replied concisely. "Some of those questions I cannot answer, but perhaps a downpayment of $600,000 will help ease your eagerness for an answer."

"Humph, fine." I say, somewhat irritated by his ambiguousness.

"When do I start?"

"As soon as possible."


"You've got one hour, one hour to organise your clothing and your responsibilities."

"Only one hour?" I reply, shocked by such little time.

"Yes, one hour." he says. He then proceeds to gaze into my eyes, his body now one inch away from mine, his face crouched down in front of mine. "Trust me," he says, his musky voice penatraiting my skull, bouncing within the insides of my brain, "This mission, is a mission you will never forget."

"I'm in." I reply, hypnotised by his intense stare.

About and hour later, just like the secretive man asked, I was packed and organised. I wiggle uncomfortably, knowing that my family don't know of my current travel plans.

"Look after this place for me, Mason. I trust you'll do this place proud." I say turning around to face a best-friend I won't see for who knows how long.

"I will James! I'll be the best here and I'll do you proud!" he replied, his voice croaking.

I hug him and thump his back before picking up my suitcase and my coat, and entering the limousine and shooting off toward, what I was suspecting of an airport. My guess proves correct. I arrive at a bustling airport, but the limousine doesn't halt. It instead seems to take a back route around the airport, until we finally stop at my true destination.

"Here you go sir, the private jet lane." a gentlemanly voice eminated from the front of the vechile.

"Thankyou." I reply concisely, before hopping out.

The wind is vicious. With my hair ruffling I quickly make it onto what seems to be my intended jet. "I never knew I'd be flying privately, with attractive flight attendants, attending to yuor every need. I can picture the wine right now.. mmm.. I'm definitely not arguing." I think to myself, smiling. Toward the entrance of the jet, sits a groovy bar; even with it's first customer. A girl, a girl who looks already horribly wasted.

"Oh great," I sigh, "If this is the sort of people I'll be travelling with, help me."

I snap out of my split-second judgement and realise that I barely know her, in fact, I don't know anything about her, so it isn't and it never will be my place to judge her. I continue to walk, through the isles I slowly wander, until I find a seat that I like, right next to the heater.

"Aaaah" I sigh with relief, letting the warmth of the heater dispell the chill of outside's wind.

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