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"Kya!" Eria squeaked as the door began to open behind her, taking her off guard causing her to fall backwards in the direction the door was heading. Thankfully, though, she managed to catch herself before any damage was done. The girl that appeared from behind the door was dressed in a manner that confused her, but the line of conversation she went down ended up confusing her even more. "Umm... what was the television? The evil spirit was... the television? Free of the paranormal? But the paranormal don't... nevermind." She was confused, and this girl was only making things more confusing.

At her name, she jumped a little. "Y-yes... I'm Eria. I don't know about honour, but it's nice to meet you too..." She said softly as she took Amaterasu's hand. Eria was fully aware that she was by no means a normal girl, but the personality of her partner seemed to be unrivaled in terms of abnormality. Nodding at the offer to come in, the girl entered the room, placing her bag beside the door and top-hat on a hat rack. Thankfully, the room seemed to have air conditioning which made it a little more comforting. Almost immediately, she went rummaging through her bag, eventually pulling out a couple of pills and consuming them. Without her medication, there was no way she'd last the weekend without an episode.

She paid no real attention to the television. Being stuck in her home all that time, there were very few episodes of anything she had yet to see, and that episode was a rerun. She did have a little bit of interest in the girl's Ninetails, though. "A fire-type?" She inquired, examining the Pokeballs in her belt, before fumbling with one and tossing it onto the ground. Red light shone, and in it's place was a Blaziken that almost immediately turned it's attention to Eria - showing how concerned it was about her safety.

She shook her hands with her palms out to show that she was okay, and then pointed to the Ninetails. "Blaze?" The Pokemon inquired, glancing over at the Ninetails warily. "It's okay, it's our ally for this tournament!" She said with a smile on her face. Surprisingly, Eria didn't have any problems talking to her Pokemon, without a single stutter. "B-Blaziken is my fire type, though the fighting aspect certainly helps in battle..."

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