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Vieve Gotle

Vieve woke up slightly groggy and considered going right back to sleep but then she wouldn't get to check her email, now would she? With eyes half shut she opened up her laptop that her mother got her for Christmas two years ago, isn't it time for an upgrade? She opened her mouth wide but no yawn after a minute or two of forcing it she decided it wasn't worth the effort. The e-mail she had read last night was up or she should she say spam message because what it said was crazy. Number one, that she would die if she didn't play a game with her best friends and number two, install the "game" which meant it was a virus. Vieve patted herself on the back for being so clever to figure out it was a spam message. While waiting for her ancient computer to load she stood up to stretch and noticed that her mother wasn't in the garden. Her window gave her a clear view to the garden outside but Vieve didn't really care where her mother was. Vieve did a double take and noticed that Gavin was slumped over in the garden all by himself. This was one of the strangest sights Vieve had seen in awhile. She looked around for her two kittens, like usual they had disappeared and they were most likely in Gavin's room. Speaking of the devil Vieve heard music coming from his room but it was too low, he must have left it on last night or before he left for the garden.

Suddenly several beeps and buzzes went off signaling that her computer had loaded properly and that she had messages waiting for her. Slowly she twirled in her sundress toward her favorite device in the world. She bent over to look at the screen, she had new messages from the group, and they should have a cool name Vieve thought. Her eyes were bugging out as she read Vinnie's message, he was actually going to download it?! Blushing at the last line of his message Vieve began typing something back before she noticed Ricardo's messages. Giving into his demand she tabbed over to the email and let the Client Version download to her computer. If they were going to do it well then she wasn’t going to hold them back by not doing it. Switching back to PesterChum she selected Ricardo's name and began typing a message to him:

VG: Hola! Coma estas??
VG: Download Complete
VG: We're going to morir!
After Ricardo she selected Vinnie, his would be a little harder to right out of fear of embarrassing herself.
VG: You can see me? Is being a stalker your occupation or a part time kind of thing? :)
Finally, to the group she decided that she needed to say something but what could she say?
VG: We should name ourself something cool. I'm getting tired of calling us, "The Group". What do you think?

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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