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    Name: Naganelle "Regret" Feist
    Gender: Female
    Region: Kanto
    Pokemon/District: Scyther/District 2


    Regret has fierce green eyes, catlike pupils staying narrowed in battle. Her scaly hide is host to many various marks and scars from hardships over the years, as well as a dark colored birthmark on the left side of her abdomen. She stands at about 6’3, a normal height for female Scyther, and is around 120 lbs. Regret does not often wear any kind of clothing besides her cloak that she wears during her assassin work, unless needed to feel comfortable in her environment (A scarf in the winter, a hat on sunny days, etc.) She tries to keep her blades sharp, sometimes even going to the point of obsessing over their quality. For unknown reasons, she hates being dirty, and is very hygienic and tries her best to keep up her appearance and health, so she is most often seen in a clean state. Regret has a dog tag like necklace that she wears as a good luck charm. On it are inscribed in footprint runes “Per Oculus Miles” (Which means “Through the eyes of a soldier”), a token that was handed down through her family. A high believer in superstitions, she normally carries a sprig of white heather with her, an herb said to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. She does not fly very often due to her rather odd fear of heights, so she keeps her wings folded neatly on her back, nearly invisible.

    Personality: Regret is typically what one would describe as sassy. She hates taking orders and is very rebellious, liking to cause arguments and disagree. She doesn’t have much friends and tends to stay away from groups and do things on her own. Regret is a bit overconfident and narcissistic, feeling that she can do anything without help from anyone and still be successful.
    Regret is deathly scared of heights, a strange phobia for a flying species. She tends to be very selfish and unempathetic, only caring for her own well-being and rarely helping the more unfortunate. When she does help others, however, she isn’t generous at all. Regret does have a conscience,… She just doesn’t like to help others without rewards. As she believes in superstitions, she tries to do things for good luck (knocking on wood, having white heather, etc.)
    She is a very hard worker overall, and isn’t very inclined to give up on things. She is a great fighter with her scythes, having been training for many years.
    Regret isn’t very opinionated when it comes to stating her thoughts on a matter. Rather, she usually prefers rude comments on other’s opinions, feeling that by saying what she thinks on another’s thoughts she can get her point through.
    She has a strong hate for humans that comes from their control of all the regions. With that, she hopes to one day end their reign by training kind and merciful Peacekeepers to oppose them.

    History: Regret grew up in a large home with her rather abusive father and brother. Compared to other Pokemon in District 2, they were pretty well off, even having enough money to have a decent meal every night. Her brother didn’t stay with them very long, leaving once he found a wife. Regret never really became attached to him. Without family to protect her, as the years passed, her father became more and more abusive. When Regret was only around nine years old, she killed him in his sleep, wanting to be rid of his insane and violent actions. She was able to cover up his death fairly well, the Peacekeepers unable to recover who was the killer. Regret went to live with her brother and his wife until she was old enough to survive on her own.
    Only weeks after her father’s murder, she began to feel regret for her actions, guilt plaguing her once innocent and kind soul. Before long, she found herself becoming an assassin, killing other’s enemies and rivals for large sums of money. She began to go by the alias of Regret by night, killing many Pokemon without much more guilt. Her skills grew, and she was able to make a good living without having too much suspicion out of the Peacekeepers.
    At the age of about 13, she was nearly discovered after murdering a Pinsir in a rather messy fight. Scared for her life, she quit her nightjob as an assassin for a short amount of time, and worked for the next few years as a normal Pokemon in District 2. However, when her brother’s son was killed in his training to become a peacekeeper when a cruel trainer pushed him too far, she wanted to avenge her nephew. And so she set out on the path of an assassin once more. Beginning to like the feeling of being a sort of vigilante for Pokemon in despair, she started to only provide her services for righteous reasons. Regret felt she was becoming a better person.
    At age 15, she began to work in the training of Peacekeepers, hoping to sprout a rebellion in Panem by training the Pokemon in more righteous ways. However, her plans were stopped when she was chosen for the Hunger Games. Her only motivation to win is to continue training Peacekeepers so she may thwart the Capitol. (Or it’s headquarters in this, right?)

    Roleplay Sample:

    “No, Hunter!” The Scyther growled to her apprentice. “You must be faster! Think if a Pokemon was just running off; they would have been out of sight by now!”

    “I-I’m sorry, Naganelle…” The riolu stammered, looking down. “I-I’ve just been… Really tired lately…”

    “No excuses!” She hissed. “Now try it again!” Hunter winced at her harsh words, before turning to try the exercise she had set up for him again. If I were not his mentor, she thought, he would have came out of that with more than just a tongue lashing.

    She watched, disappointed with his quality of training. It was true, he did seem rather sluggish and unmotivated lately, uncommon for one as young as him. Perhaps there is something wrong with his quality of life at home? She remembered with disdain how difficult her training had been, not just with her rude and unforgiving mentor, but the abuse she had suffered through at the hands of her father.

    “Hunter!” Regret called the Riolu over as he was his by a moving block, blood beginning to pour out of his nose. He stood up slowly before walking over to her slowly; it was obvious he thought he was in for some kind of punishment.

    “Child, what is wrong with you? You have not been giving your best as expected.”

    “I’m v-very sorry…” He looked down.

    “You haven’t answered me. What is wrong with you? Has something been disrupting your training beyond my notice?”

    Hunter glanced up at her, pawing at his bleeding nose before answering. “My older sister… She takes care of me…” He stopped for a moment, trying to staunch the flow of his lifeblood. “She has been very sick lately… And not able to work… I haven’t eaten in days… And I’ve been spending most of my time trying to take care of her.”

    A stab of pity hit her unexpectedly. She thought he had been lazy, perhaps staying up to play with his friends, not this. Regret shook the soft and unwelcome feelings away before responding.

    “Tomorrow, you are off training.” She stated. “You will come to my home with me tonight. I will see what I can do about your sister tomorrow.”

    “…But… She will worry…”

    “We will visit her before we go.”

    “Thank you, Naganelle…”

    “Now, enough of this! I expect you will not fail this exercise again.” She nodded for him to proceed, watching him closely as he avoided the moving obstacles. Truly, this young Pokemon had a good heart, and she knew he would be a good Peacekeeper one day. She could only hope that he would not be chosen in the reaping in a few days time…


    “And our District 2 Tribute is… Hunter Mori!”

    Regret was stunned. Her hopes of Hunter’s future were just ruined in one unfortunate moment. He knew of her plans for the future, her plans to train good, merciful peacekeepers to watch over innocent Pokemon… Those plans could not be crushed.

    In District 2, volunteers were not odd or unexpected… She pondered her decision as she watched Hunter walk somberly towards the steps leading to the announcer… And then looked over at his still sick sister, tears welling up in her eyes… Surely, with her skill as an assassin, she could win the games and continue training her precious apprentice.

    “If I may,” Regret announced, “I would like to volunteer as a tribute.”

    All eyes turned on her. Hope and astonishment filled Hunter’s eyes as he ran back towards his sister and Regret took his place.

    “Well, this is certainly going to be an exciting Hunger Games!” The announcer, a Spinda noted. “Now, what is your name?”

    “My name…” Regret said confidently, “Is Naganelle Feist. And I am going to win these games.”

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