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You are sitting before your desk, on your computer, waiting for Vieve to answer you. You contemplate building something with your Legos, but that would probably take forever, and you'd rather not waste too much time.

Suddenly you hear a knock on the door. Damn! Is it dad this time?

The door opens, and in comes your butler. "Breakfast is ready young master." He announces.

Phew, he scared the **** out of you -skee.

"Thanks Alfred." You respond nonchalantly.

"That's not my name young master." He protests.

"Right, and I'm not Batman, whatever Alfred, let me eat in peace!" 0_0

"As you wish young master." Your butler says before stepping out of your room. Wow you're a prick.

Digging into your scrambled eggs with nopales, you go back to your downloading file. As the file continues to download, you contemplate answering the memo, but then you notice that Vieve has finally answered:
-- babelsEngineer ceased pestering paintSplatter --
-- paintSplatter began pestering babelsEngineer --
PS: Hola! Coma estas??
PS: Download Complete
PS: We're going to morir!

BE: → Good!
BE: → Install it.
PS: Don't spazz out, mkay? It's only a virus...
BE: → It's not… my virus scanner would've caught it
BE: → … for some weird reason I can't find anything wrong with your above statement other than that it's in two languages Vieve…
PS: My espanyole es mucha grande!
PS: See, perfect!

BE: → God it pisses me off!
PS: That only means I'm becoming fluent
BE: → ):
BE: → Let's get this game started, my version is basically done downloading!
BE: → Y:
PS: I just hope we don't die... ):
-- paintSplatter ceased pestering babelsEngineer --
Finally! Your file's done downloading, and the installation process begins. However the process is interrupted, and you notice a long sequence of digits and letters, as well as instructions to send the code to your Client.
-- babelsEngineer began pestering paintSplatter --
BE: → Umm… looks like the installation on my end is complete (?)
BE: → Are you done over there yet?