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Vinnie Valentine

Vinnie sat back in his chair while SBURB Server File started installing. Before it even really begain, it was interrupted by a bunch of code.

I knew it was a freaking virus.. Vinnie thought, I just hope Candice doesn't get pissed off when her computer breaks too, it is kinda my fault she downloaded it...

Vinnie was about to shut down his laptop, but noticed something written below the coding. It instructed Vinnie to give his code to Candice, and to recieve the code Candice has.

Oh, maybe it is just a game. I guess this is so we can connect...I can just give her the code over pesterChum.

Vinnie and Candice swapped codes, and the installation started up again. The compuuter started playing.....jungle music. Like something you would hear in a Tarzan movie. What's weirder, the background turned into a trippy callaboration of a single, complicated symbol. The area behind it looked like the camera view of a plane ride.

Cool, I guess.

The little installation bar below finished filling up, and the screen faded to black. A single word appeared, SBURB.

This would make a really cool movie intro, much better than the lame one the new spider-man got...

Well, this is weird. Finally, the screen showed a very detailed room. It looked better than the graphics on the PS3, but Vinnie couldn't figure out why. It was so....realistic. The computer was pretty old, and didn't have the graphics capability to even run Starcraft 2.

Its probably a recording, and not a render.. To tell the truth, Vinnie wasn't sure a video camera could resolve that well on his screen anyway. But he wasn't concerned. At least the game had awesome graphics. The interface looked cartonny compared to the room, and was awfully one dimentional. This did create a cool contrast though, and made the buttons stand out more. About the buttons...the were all rreally weird. They had vague names and symbols on them. You would have to look up a walkthrough or FAQ online to figure it out, it seems. There wasn't any introduction.

Suddenly, he got a message from pesterChum. It wasn't Candice...or Ricardo... OR Vieve...some velociClamper. Hisname reminded Vinnie of the Philosiraptor meme. Whatever. What he said was pretty wierd too...

-- velociClamper began pestering bemyValentine --
VC: server player!
VC: good let's get this rolling before **** goes down!!
VC: sorry
VC: I get told I should calm down, wait.
-- velociClamper seized pestering bemyValentine --


-- velociClamper began pestering bemyValentine --
VC: yeah ok, anyways!
VC: your client is online too
VC: so get building!
VC: you know, REVISE the world around the client. Build walls, stairs, doors, ladders, floors, roofs
VC: upwards!!
VC: oh wait first you've got to DEPLOY the free stuff!
VC: I forgot that was the important part in the beginning
VC: don't build yet!!
VC: man, I'm making a mess, aren't I?
VC: ok, I'm told now that maybe it's not such a hurry
VC: just ask me if you wonder anything, ok?

Well. That was annoying. Vinnie scanned to messages. Build? Deploy? Vinnie didn't want to do anything in fear of wasting items you couldn't get back. He was always a packrat when it came to RPGs, and he didn't know what kind of game this was going to be.

Wait... Vinnie slowly worked it out in his head How did...that guy know I downloaded SBURB?! And how does he know Candice? Or me for that matter?! This is really creepy!

As if things couldn't get freakier, CANDICE, Candice for Jesus Christ's sake, walked into the screen. Totally oblivious to Vinnie being able to see her.

"Holy SHI-"

Vinnie clapsed his hand over his mouth and jumped out of his chair. He didn't want grandma to have a heart attack from hearing his language. His eyes were wide open and he wasn't moving. His heart rate increased, and he started to panic.

What the hell is this?! Vinnie frantically thought. Can...can anyone see me?

He quickly covered his webcam on his laptop with a sticker from his Rubik's cube. It was worth the sacrifice, he had more. He paced his room, glancing at the screen every now and then. Candice seemed kinda confused, and she was messing with a necklace. Vinnie sat back down after his heart rate returned to normal. His curiosity was starting to take over. He tabbed over to pesterChum.

BV: Wtf is going on here?
BV: Candice! I can see you on SBURB!
BV: I mean it! I see you messing with that necklace!
BV: What do I do, anyway? This game is confusing, and creepy!
BV: If I do anything, will it affect you or something? or just show up on my screen?
BV: do you care??

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