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Vieve Gotle

Pushing herself away from the computer to look at her a pile of junk that laid at the end of her bed. Vieve noticed a conversation she had printed out that had a lot of hand drawn hearts on it. On closer inspection she realized it was a moment between her and Vinnie when they were something more. Color flushed into her cheeks, she crumpled the paper up and tossed it into the trash. Movement in the trash can caught Vieve’s attention, a small head popped up. Her heart slowed down as quickly as it had just sped up, it was only Tiberius one of her kittens. Just as she was about to pick him up she noticed that someone had responded to one of her messages.
paintSplatter pestered bemyValentine
  • PS: You can see me? Is being a stalker your occupation or a part time kind of thing? :)
  • BV: Well, it’s more of a side job really. I do it on weekends and when I feel lonely.
  • BV: Although, for you I can do it full time ;)
  • PS: I don’t think my mother would appreciate that… But who am I to stop you? :)
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Clicking over to the original message that Vinnie had sent Vieve realized that her previous worry had come true. She had completely embarrassed herself his message clearly said he couldn’t see her. A lump developed in her throat she quickly closed out of their conversation. Why hadn’t Vinnie called her out on her mistake? To distract herself she returned to Ricardo’s messages to make sure she hadn’t made any more mistakes.
babelsEngineer pestered paintSplatter
  • BE: → Good!
  • BE: → Install it.
  • BE: → NAOU!
  • PS: Don't spazz out, mkay? It's only a virus...
  • BE: → It's not… my virus scanner would've caught it
  • BE: → … for some weird reason I can't find anything wrong with your above statement other than that it's in two languages Vieve…
  • PS: My espanyole es mucha grande!
  • PS: See, perfect!
  • BE: → God it pisses me off!
  • PS: That only means I'm becoming fluent
  • BE: → ):
  • BE: → Let's get this game started, my version is basically done downloading!
  • BE: → Y:
  • PS: I just hope we don't die... ):
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Sighing, she needed to tell Candice about this mess. Vieve saw that she had already messaged her earlier, how had she not seen this? A feeling of guilt spread over her as she bit the ends of her fingernails hoping Candice wasn’t too mad at her.

archaicMiracle began pestering paintSplatter
  • AM: Hello there
  • AM: Hope you don't me dropping in
  • PS: Sorry, I didn’t notice these…
  • PS: I just did the most embarrassing thing, ever.
  • PS: Vinnie probably thinks I’m a blind duck. ):
paintSplatter ceased pestering archaicMiracle
She had successfully had a conversation with each of her best friend today, which was a mini goal of hers. Vieve had no idea what she would do with herself if she didn't have these three people in her life, they meant more to her than anyone else ever had (besides her family) and she's never met them. Before she became too sentimental a message popped up on her computer telling her that her installation was almost done as she had to do was switch some codes with Ricardo and she promptly did so.
babelsEngineer began pestering paintSplatter
  • BE: → Umm… looks like the installation on my end is complete (?)
  • BE: → Are you done over there yet?
  • PS: Yeah, these codes are weird aren't they?
  • PS: Why do we need to exchange them...
  • PS: -Insert Code/Digits here- (?)
paintSplatter ceased pestering babelsEngineer
A loading screen took over her computer screen Vieve liked the pretty color that were being displayed in the background. The abstract green circle in the middle really captured her attention drawing her in enough to make her touch her computer screen. Snapping out of her trance Vieve noticed that the screen had gone black, which made her frown. The darkness only lasted a few seconds as the words, "Sburb" in bright, green letters made their way onto the screen. A sudden weight dropped on Vieve's neck at first she didn't seem to notice but whatever it was brushed against her hand.

"What the..." Vieve said slowly as she examined the mysterious chain, her fingers felt up and down it to make sure it was real. "I always thought I would go insane in my forties." A little joke was made to help her stay calm in a seriously disturbing situation. She became aware that there was more to the chain than the chain itself. Cerise and green colored pendants hung at the bottom, which Vieve slightly tugged on. Instantly, the cerise pendant popped off in her hand but soon wasn't a pendant at all rather a full wallet. Vieve cautiously peered inside she carefully removed two cards to examine them. They had a pink border and a white center with nothing else on it. Setting the cards down on her desk, which was next to her bed, she breathed in really quick.

"I can't do this!"

Picking up the two cards she had just set down Vieve's eyes widen. One of the cards had an image of a steak knife on it, an exact replica of the one that was on her desk. She had steak last night and brought it up to her room to finish it and chat with The Group. The knife was nowhere to be found. Vieve threw papers to the floor after she crawled hands and knees to look under her bed for it. It had vanish but somehow the card had its image as if absorb after it made contact with the knife. Quickly stuffing the other card into the freaky wallet Vieve headed straight to her and Ricardo's conversation.
paintSplatter pestered babelsEngineer
  • PS: Did you get creepy jewelry?
  • PS: You know if I wanted to accessorize I would've but this is just tacky
Trying to smile but how could she be calm after some wallet with magical cards appeared in her life after she installed some virus game. The wallet got knocked off in Vieve's haste to get her laptop somehow the cards had stayed inside. Vieve felt the weight shift as if something had just added to the chain she ignored it not realizing that it was just the cerise pendant returning.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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