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Thanks so much! It's weird that the game becomes suddenly so unbalanced, it used to be very challenging but doable but now it's virtually impossible to beat without cheating or having WAY too much time on one's hands for levelling up. Pity. Guess I have to cheat a little.

Oh, and what's the deal with the other region (forgot the name..) - is that the islands on the map which are yet unconquered? And what about Johto, is it actually reachable?

Here's the Hevah Map, sorry if it's low quality, I had to convert the file to edit it with Paint...

~#The island circled in pink is Cianwood City and the Whirl Islands. After the Angeallen event (look back a few pages, I've posted a guide on the Legendaries's locations...) and talking to Nicholas on Oceania Sea above Silkwind Town, you can reach it through Oceania Sea.

~#The island circled in green is part of Johto.
It contains Azalea Town on the map, but isn't in the game. If you go to Green Leaf, however, there's a cave entrance which has a boulder in front of it until you defeat Giratina at Dragon Castle, which if you go through, takes you to Ilex Forest. You can get a legendary here, too.

~#The island circled in black is the northwestern part of Gento, Lorina. You can get here after beating the league, collecting the Hevah Symbol from the person with blond hair and a red jacket outside the cave part of it. Take it to the Fisherman on Rainbow Path.

~#The island circled in yellow is the southwestern part of Gento, which is Selaro. This part of Gento is currently inaccessible, but may be reachable in a newer update.

~#The island with a red square around it is Destiny Island. Go to Oceanshine City and talk to Claire and Gabrielleon. Go to Dusk Path and remember to bring a Pokemon with Rock Smash, Surf and Waterfall. Go through the mountain to the misty part and keep going left. You should find a hidden cave entrance. Follow the entrance and you should exit on Destiny Island.