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Geez, Kiyoshi, how can I ever pass by one of your RPs? ;D
Name/Nicknames: Astor Maddox
Gender/Sex: Male
Age: Twenty-two (three months shy of twenty-three)

Appearance: Astor is tall, slightly dark and maybe adorable would be the better word as opposed to handsome. His hair and eyes are a dark brown, leaning on black (though sometimes, one could say his eyes are golden when the light shines on it properly) and skin is olive/tanned, similar to the complexion of a Welshman. He's slightly muscular, quite tall and very doe-eyed. Despite all this, he's too oblivious of flirting to be popular with the ladies.

His hair is usually short, unkept bed hair and his face is usually well shaved. He has three piercings; one in the lobe of his left ear, one in the top of the same ear and a piercing in his eyebrow. His clothes are usually quite lax, consisting mainly of t-shirts and jeans. His wallet stays firmly in his back pocket, connected by chain from the belt, and his PokéGear in his right pocket. Everything else, in the left pocket. His shoes are that of comfort, canvas or volleys are usually his go.

Clothes are usually consistent, even during the alternating seasons. The main difference; long sleeves and hoodies in the Winter, usually accompanied by a beanie or scarf, and shorts in the hottest of Summer.

History: What was his crime? Foolishness.

Okay, but seriously, Astor was born in the the the average of average families. He was never considered rich, but wore clothes that were decent enough to not be labelled as poor. He's the eldest of two, his younger sister Clara is considered the brains of the family. He was never a bad kid, just one with bad luck. Astor's a lover, not a fighter.

For most of his primary school years, Astor was invisible. He did things, yeah, but he was just like any kid. His fingerpaintings were never special enough to be Da Vinci quality and his theories of the world were barely comparable to Einstein (probably something like "imagine if the world... was made of fairy floss?"). He didn't mind it though. He was oblivious, care-free and mostly, a child. All he wanted to do was be himself.

It was maybe when Astor turned fourteen when bad luck turned his way. When his voice started to drop and hair begun to grow in funny places but his mind still stayed as a child. He believed in justice and that he could be anything he wanted to be, even if that included being a superhero. The first time Astor witnessed a fight, he intervened. He shouldn't have, but he did. Long story short, at the end of it, he was the last person standing. He hadn't his anyone, no, but naturally (and because his mother was a health nut and made him do laps all the time), Astor was stronger and had more stamina than the other boys. He was sent to the Principal's office but didn't object to the falsely allocated crimes; he was too polite to say someone else was to blame.

Though this didn't happen a lot all the way through Astor's late years of school, it was enough for teachers to think that he was some kind of bully, despite how polite he was in class. Something must have been wrong with him, right? Not quite right in the head? Who knew.

When Astor graduated, he wasn't the top of his class. In fact, Astor was never good with smarts. He was the athletic man and applied to become a policeman to help against whatever was happening between the regions (though he wasn't sure of the specifics, he knew that somewhere, somebody needed his help). His work as a junior officer did not last long at all; during his first week of real police work, he accidentally punched a man in the face during a bar fight. Astor was there on patrol with a senior officer and the man he punched ended up being some rich philanthropist of some sort who was actually breaking the law by being in the bar (something to do with a restraining order). To cover up some embarrasing tracks, the rich man turned the story around into 'the man who was punched in the face by a policeman'. Astor had next to no idea what was happening and even though he apologised several times and even sent flowers, thanks to his past experiences with fighting, was sent off to the SOUL program.

Personality: Despite being a bear of a man, Astor has a soft and gooey inside. He's lovable and would never turn to violence to solve a situation. He believes in justice, to do what is right and that every person has a good side. Accompanying his innocent thoughts, if asked nicely and with good reason, he'd do almost anything for someone. Even if that someone was a criminal. This makes Astor probably the easiest person to manipulate, but if Astor finds out? Well, you'd get justice'd.

Astor is also very kind, very polite and usually a happy soul. He's the world's best pillow and is always there to listen to your complaints. He'll try to cheer you up and if he can't with his adorable smile, he'll probably buy you ice-cream. Or take you to see some puppies. He's a big brother for the entire world.

When it comes to battling, Astor's never done it before. He has no thoughts on it; he doesn't find it wrong when the Pokémon wants to battle for their trainer. Only when one is being forced to fight is when Astor will stop.

Astor's other hobbies include piano, photography and painting (though he is exceptionally bad at it).

Aspiration: Astor wants his badge back and become the best Police Officer ever. Along the way of proving his worth, he probably would want to give Gyms a shot.
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