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Welcome guys! I'll update the member list later today (lazy at the moment)
Also I was thinking...
How about a bit of a points system? Instead of points, however, I was thinking they'd be more like Emblems, but the more you had, the more things you would get (you'd accrue the rewards, not have to spend 'em)
So for instance: 1 you'd get to change, evolve/devolve or add another partner (this continues until you're satisfied, later rewards can be used to change this again if you specify) Then a trainer rank, so Bug-Catching Man, Bug Catcher, then Bug Maniac, then Collector then perhaps Gym leader then Champion? Each reward would have some specifications, but they;d be a little cryptic. Some would be easy, others hard and then some might be a little... more random. Also, as a note I was thinking we would have events some time in the future, as to what they/it would be, I'm not quite sure. But please, feel free to contact me with ideas or suggestions to improve the club, Feedback please! :D

@Curious. Good point, I guess Bug/Water would be rather irrelevant for Masquerain... but I just find it strange that they'd have a pond skater evolve into a... moth. Surskit had so much potential to be an early bug that was really unique and different from the rest, and they kinda ruined it in my opinion, Which is a shame because surskit is really cool in my opinion.