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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    Since you like grabbing them yourself (and since I don't know exactly what maps you want) I guess I'll leave you to it.
    It's fine with me. It doesn't take long, and besides, I'm unemployed and it's the weekend, I don't have much else to do.

    As for the first town now, it's exponentially better than it was before. Exponentially. I wish starter towns looked more like this, to be honest. I think B2/W2 is the first to actually make a bigger starting area, complete with an overlook out onto the Route beyond (Route 19) and even with a Gym and Pokémon Centre right in the town (just like you have it and a Pokémart, the earlier-gen version, minus the Gym, but lots of bars LMAO); I hope in the future Game Freak decides to stay in that direction and make more involved starting towns that can later be revisited for a future part in the story. Makes a starter town much more than someone's home that he never sees again (pending a trip to get his Running Shoes, visit the professor, or Flying).

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