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** EDIT: All done!

[name/nicknames:] Adrian Randal
[gender/sex:] Male.
[age:] Nineteen.

Adrian is lanky, very tall, and all angles. Sharp face, pointed nose, bony fingers, triangular shoulders... It's almost like the guy could stab you just by glancing your way, if not for his thick gentle eyebrows and warm amiable gaze. His light greyish-brown eyes are usually behind a pair of glasses; without the glasses the world becomes a blurred, incoherent mess of color to him. One can often note Adrian's dreadful crooked teeth, as he grins and laughs often. His hair is a miserable blonde rat's nest. He has a rather pathetic bit of stubble and does a lousy job of keeping it shaved.

His sharp edges are also offset by his attire. Adrian often wears a big, puffy, weather-resistant yellow coat that he could practically drown in, along with baggy jeans and t-shirts. In fact, most of his clothes look like they're a size or two too big for him (which is the way he likes it, mind you). His bold red tennis shoes, however, are costly, new, and snazzy, an odd juxtaposition to his baggy and scrappy look. His hands are usually covered by an old scruffy pair of dark fingerless gloves. His clothes and food and all that junk go sloppily into a tough camping backpack. He also wears a heavy black monster of a belt, which can hold all of his handheld devices and utilities with plenty of room to spare.

First things first, Adrian's an amateur psychic. You know, like these guys. He's either learned or inherited the skills from his mother (I'll get to her soon), but, in all honesty, he isn't very impressive. He can't do any mind reading or fortune telling; his abilities are limited to telekinesis. Not even the hardcore send-cars-and-unfortunate-bystanders-flying-with-your-mind telekinesis. Just kind of... clumsily levitating small, light objects, like writing utensils or Pokeballs. His abilities may improve with practice over the course of the roleplay... or not. He might just be doomed to never become decent at it by his inherent natural lousiness. We'll see!

So uh, right. Adrian's mom. Helena was born in Saffron City. Lived there most of her life, a good fourty years or so. In that time she met her husband, Gregory. They met in their later teenage years. They were like star-crossed lovers. It was sparkly and romantic. They got married. They had kids. They worked and earned money and supported their family. All that lovely stuff! To be more specific, Adrian came first, followed by his younger sister by six years, Madison. And Helena worked an office job at Silph Co., while Gregory worked at the Magnet Train station. All in all they had a nice little life set up for themselves, if a bit hectic, what with work schedules and the day to day rush of the big city.

But when Hoenn and the USU started trying to get their grubby paws all over Kanto, Helena and her little family made like a leaf and got the hell out of there while they still could. See, she's the sort of psychic that can do all those spiffy things Adrian can't. Or, at least the fortune telling part. Her sixth sense warned her that some shady business was going down. Not that she wasn't suspicious to begin with; she and her husband had no interest in Hoenn's recent affairs, and didn't want to get caught up in any of that junk. Thankfully, peaceful, pleasant Johto was just a quick Magnet Train trip away.

They settled down in Ecruteak and, after a period of adjustment, found that life in a quiet traditional town was a lot easier on everybody's nerves. That is... everybody except Adrian. He was firmly adapted to city life. He enjoyed the activity. Lights and sounds everywhere. Everything was accessible. There were always new places to go, new things to see. And there were plenty of people for him to impress! But here, everything was slow-paced and, dare I say it, boring. Adrian since his childhood had always had a short attention span and a constant hunger for things to do, and he'd never really been deprived of such consistent availability of entertainment. Now, relocated and well into his teenage years, Adrian found himself unsatisfied with his situation.

On top of that, things weren't going too well for him. He was on his way into adulthood, with no plans for a college education (nor any interest in getting one), little if any work experience, and pretty much no idea what to do with his life. He did get himself a job at a local convenience store, but ended up being fired before too very long, much to his mother's displeasure. It kind of went downhill from there. All attempts to start supporting himself faded into increasingly desperate attempts to entertain himself. He ran off to Goldenrod every now and then, taking along his mother's Kadabra (without permission) to ensure his safety along the way.

Now, here's what broke the last straw and got him into the SOUL program. Adrian developed a tendency to perform all sorts of psychic shenanigans. Telekinetic shoplifting, spilling drinks and popcorn in movie theaters without lifting a finger, making peoples' wallets and credit cards dance in the air... all silly stuff, really. But, silly or not, he got caught in the act, and ended up being driven home by a police officer. He wasn't arrested or anything, though a stern warning was enough to send his mother into a frenzied rage. Her was her son, at nineteen, incompetent and irresponsible, running around causing trouble with the age-old powers she had passed down to him in one way or another. She could tolerate his disobedience and his sneaking off, but such use of his psychic abilities was just all kinds of disrespectful.

So she sent him off. Some community service would do him good, right?

Adrian is a rather awkward blend of "relaxed and easygoing" and "ADD spazcase". Nothing much seems to visibly phase him; he's calm and collected, optimistic and carefree, a "take life as it comes" sorta guy. But, at the same time, he's a fast-paced city kid: spontaneous, and in need of constant activity. His mind is always running at a mile a minute. When life doesn't do the same, he starts to lose his casual cool and succumb to the dull drone of boredom.

And Adrian idle rarely ends well. With nothing to occupy his time or attention he tends to lean into shadier activities. Pranking and hassling people, at least. Under the stress of boredom he even becomes something of a kleptomaniac, compulsively taking things, getting a kick out of the risk involved. In a way he's on a boderline between harmless prankster and shady delinquent, because his sense of judgement covers less the more bored he gets. At his best he wouldn't dare, but at his worst, sure, he'd consider going through with plenty of actual crimes if they were suggested to him. Anything to entertain himself, and, hey, if anyone has a problem they can deal with it.

But don't get the wrong idea. Adrian's not a bad guy. Generally he's friendly and outgoing, and willing to do any sort of favor for anyone. He's not the questioning sort. He won't pry into one's affairs or worry himself sick over the details of a statement or request. He'll just kind of go with the flow. He doesn't have time for hard feelings or confrontations. As such, he's easy to get along with, if you can work at his pace, and while he isn't always the best at understanding other peoples' emotions, he will always accept them. Adrian is a loyal companion who values his friends. And, though he doesn't really show it, he gets lonely without anybody to relate to.

This may, in part, be attributed to his vanity. The only thing he likes more than hearing himself talk is having the eyes and ears of others on him, be them close friends or random strangers. As such he loves to tell stories, or to show off, or to perform shameless acts, becoming the center of attention. Is this the result of a secret inferiority complex? Maybe so! But whatever the case it is for the most part harmless, albeit obnoxious to some.

See, the thing is, Adrian doesn't really have an aspiration. That's his big problem. No goals, no dreams, no passions... nothing to really work for. It's why he ended up in this mess. He's a friendly and well-meaning but very aimless individual, prone to causing a ruckus out of idle boredom. His journey, whatever it may entail, will hopefully lead him to a cause he can really pursue. He has always been interested in travelling and battling with Pokemon, and recognizes that there's something of an opportunity for him here.

Okay, random Pokemon generator here I go... Nidoran Female!! Awesome!

[password 1:]
Quit Writing Essays Regarding The Yellow Umbrella; It's Obnoxiously Perplexing

[password 2:]
aSpen two

[RP sample:]
To be quite frank, Adrian was out of his element. Far from civilization, not a speck of pavement in sight, deep in the unforgiving wilderness of… Route 29. Not that he seemed to mind! He trudged clumsily but steadily, his oversized coat shielding him from the scrapes and cuts he’d otherwise suffer as he carved his trail through bushes and undergrowth. It was a bit of an odd sight, really. His companion, his mother’s beloved Kadabra, followed along miserably, casting a tired yet wary glance back and forth. A Sentret crept close, but was quickly frightened off as Kadabra glared and waved his trusty spoon.

“Sure are a lotta Sentrets out here,” Adrian commented simply. Kadabra sighed audibly. “Heh, come on now, buddy, we’re almost there! … At least, I think we are.”

The Psychic Pokémon had not volunteered for the job of escorting this scrappy hooligan. Accompanying him on his childish excursions to Goldenrod was bad enough, but for this he had spent a whole week with the kid (Kadabra would always view Adrian as a child, regardless of how old he got). It wasn’t that Kadabra hated Adrian, of course. Kadabra was actually quite fond of his trainer’s spawnling in short bursts, but accompanying him on long journeys such as this reduced his fondness for the boy to a grudging tolerance. He deeply regretted having never visited New Bark in the past; otherwise this trip could have been settled in a quick use of his Teleport skill. Then again, Adrian’s mother had made it clear that she wanted him to get in some travel experience before beginning his community service session. Even Kadabra had to admit that there was at least a point to this—

“See, what’d I tell you, we made it!”

Kadabra looked up to find the streets and homes of New Bark Town staring him in the face.

Adrian’s enthusiasm was sincere, even a bit eager. He had not only resigned himself to his fate, a summer of organized work, but had come to view it as an opportunity to get out and do something, perhaps even to enjoy himself. He was always quite the optimist, after all, and being stuck in Ecruteak City was all kinds of boring anyways.

Kadabra, on the other hand, would not feel enthusiastic nor relieved until he was rid of Adrian. The boy had taken off running down the sidewalk. “No time to waste!” Kadabra struggled to keep up.

“I wonder if anyone knows where the hell this place is… Hey! Hey, lady, yeah you…! Would you happen t’know where the SOUL summer program headquarters are?”

The poor older woman he’d addressed gave him an odd (and a little bit frightened) look. Then she turned to the side… “O… Oh…! Isn’t that this building here…?”

Adrian paused and adjusted his glasses. Sure enough, right next to him was a big sign that read “SOUL Headquarters”.

“Heheh, oh, right. Err, thanks, ma’am!”

But the woman, who was on her way across the street putting as much distance as she could manage between herself and the loud scruffy teen, didn’t seem to hear him. He shrugged it off and made his way inside…

… and was immediately greeted by a rather harsh voice.

There you are!” A young lady stared him down from the opposite side of a large lobby room. “Do you have any idea how late you are—uh—you’re Adrian, right…?”

“That’s me!” he answered without hesitation.

“Alright, good. Do you have any idea how late you are?!”

“Not really,” he admitted with an apologetic grin. “I didn’t bring a watch or a phone or anything. It is Saturday at least, isn’t it?” Kadabra huffed disapprovingly.

“Well, yes, it is Saturday, but it’s four in the afternoon! You were supposed to be here at eight this morning! Everyone else has already come and gone a long time ago!” The tone of her voice intensified with each with each statement.

“Haha, oops.” Adrian seemed almost oblivious. “So, are you Lillian? … And hey are those the Pokémon?” A table littered with Pokéballs caught his eye. He hurried over to it immediately without waiting for her answer.

“N… No, I’m an assistant counselor. Lillian left about an hour ago, looking for you. And, umm… y-yes, that’s what’s left of our Pokémon selection. We had them set up with labels this morning, but since you showed up so late--”

“I pick this one!”

Adrian selected a ball at random, gently pointed a couple fingers toward it, and motioned upwards. The ball began to rise, albeit shakily. It then twirled around his hand in a dizzy, sluggish little dance. Kadabra huffed again, this time louder. The assistant counselor, who had been informed about Adrian’s “Psychic abilities”, was not impressed.

“Err, why don’t you wait and let me get them labeled again…? This Pokémon is going to be your partner for the whole summer; shouldn’t this be a bit of a thoughtful decision?”

“Nuh…” Adrian lost his concentration and dropped the ball, barely managing to catch it in his hands as it fell. “Naww, any Pokémon’s as good as any other, right?” After a moment of fumbling around for the button, he successfully located it and released the ball’s contents.

“Well, I suppose so, but…”

“Awwh, hi there little guy, err, girl…!” He knelt down and greeted the Nidoran that emerged, gently petting her ears. The creature met the gesture with warm and almost unconditional acceptance. “See, this is perfect!”

“If you say so… And you do know you can’t keep that Kadabra with you, right?”

As if on cue, Kadabra closed his eyes, lowered his head, and vanished in a flash of white light. The Nidoran jumped a little, and gave a startled squeak.

“… He didn’t even say goodbye,” Adrian muttered, still petting his new companion. Oh well. He wasn’t especially surprised anyways; Kadabra had little patience for such formalities.

“Well, I guess that settles it,” the lady said with a sigh. She began heading toward a nearby door. “You wait here. I’ll call Lillian, and when she gets back we can get you all set up, alright?”
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