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    Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
    Okay. I'm sold. :D
    I'm actually kind of in love with this picture.
    My five minutes were worth it. Yes~ ♥

    Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
    @Curious. Good point, I guess Bug/Water would be rather irrelevant for Masquerain... but I just find it strange that they'd have a pond skater evolve into a... moth. Surskit had so much potential to be an early bug that was really unique and different from the rest, and they kinda ruined it in my opinion, Which is a shame because surskit is really cool in my opinion.
    I mean...I know this isn't directed at me but...

    Masquerain still retains some of it's moves, at least... So what do you think Surskit could have evolved into, anyway, just out of curiosity? I was thinking about that, like what could be used as a Bug/Water type. Other than pond skaters, all I could think of were those diving spiders. I'm sure there are a lot more types of aquatic insects though.

    In fact, insects live in all kinds of environments, so there is at least room for different type combinations.

    What's your favorite bug type, and why?

    And I might as well answer this while I'm at it.

    My Bug Monotype has completely sold me on Beedrill. I know it's just me getting lucky, but that Pokemon has saved me time and again in-game. So I think Beedrill may very well be my favorite bug type.

    I also like real bees, since I had to do a big report on them one year. They're very interesting, to me at least. That said, Beedrill does not represent bees very well. Yellow jackets maybe, but bees are not generally hostile. Well, except when it comes to the hive.