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    You are Ricardo again. You've just finished installing the Server version of SBURB, and you guess it's time to give this baby a roll; whatever that means…

    Your computer screen immediately goes into a Sims-like interface (not that you would know what that is; Sims City is the only cool game that ever came out of that franchise… right?), on top of the screen you see several commands with effects you're not quite sure of. However, you are part of a very small fraction of people who can be considered: "the elite of true gaming professionals", and you know that the only real way to find out what game tools do is… well, to use them… duh!
    -- paintSplatter began pestering babelsEngineer --
    PS: Did you get creepy jewelry?
    PS: You know if I wanted to accessorize I would've but this is just tacky

    BE: → Oh
    BE: → My
    BE: → God
    BE: → !!!!
    BE: → Vieve, I think you're in my monitor…
    PS: What are you talking about?
    BE: → I mean, you ARE in my monitor!
    PS: You're not making sense...
    BE: → This is so cool!
    BE: → It's like, virtual reality!
    BE: → Did you have to use some headgear?
    PS: Headgear? Virtual Reality? Did you take drugs?
    BE: → Or maybe it's something new…
    BE: → But there's no mistaking it, this is you in my monitor!
    PS: Okay, let's take a step back. I'm not your monitor, I'm not in your monitor. OKAY?
    BE: → Yeah, you are.
    BE: → It's probably just an avatar though…
    BE: → Did you create an avatar?
    BE: → I don't think I got to
    BE: → ):
    babelsEngineer sent the file SburbScreenShot.jpg to paintSplatter.
    BE: → Game's got really good graphics, huh?
    BE: → Anyways, I wonder what the Revise tool does…

    Selecting the Revise tool, you go ahead and select Genevieve's upper wall (the one with a window). As you drag the mouse from the upper right corner to the lower left, you accidentally let go of the mouse button and… whoops.

    "Oh well", you guess, "there goes one half of the wall." Fortunately, like any decent architect would know, in order to build… you must first destroy!