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LeafGreen Clefable Run Update #1

Oh hey! Decided to take a Clefable through LeafGreen. Might turn this into an ultimate at some point, but for right now it's just the one game.

Name: Huggs
Rival: Muggs
Starter: Jeu D'eau the Squirtle

-Started up, got some balls, hacked in Alto the Cleffa at Lv. 5. He was holding a Moon Stone!
-Blah Blah Blah got through Viridian Forest
-Grinded up to Lv. 17 when Alto learned Magical Leaf (it’s like he was built to solo)
-Brock was dead easy with the new move. (Forgot to take screen of it)
-Got through Mt. Moon, taught him Mega Punch from the guy right outside
-Took out Misty with little issue. Just had to get Starmie to Sleep with Sing
-On Nugget Bridge, Alto got to Lv. 27 and finally evolved into a Clefairy!
-Skipped everything I could on the SS Anne, then took out Lt. Surge really easily, mostly because of my level. Taught Alto Shock Wave
-On Route 9, Alto reached Lv. 33 and learned Cosmic Power, which was the move I was waiting for before using a Moon Stone on him. Sooooo I used it, and he’s a Clefable now!
-Blah blah blah Rock Tunnel blah blah blah Erika. The only thing that made Erika annoying was that I forgot to visit the Pokemon Center beforehand so I ran out of PP for Mega Punch in the miidle of the fight and both of m other attacks are resisted by grass. It still wasn’t that bad though
-Blah blah blah Game Corner blah Pokemon Tower
-Got the TM for Return from the girl in the gate south of Lavender. Taught it to Alto.
-Caught a bunch of pokemon so I had 30 so I cold get the Itemfinder. Got a Leftovers from where a Snorlax was sitting
-Blah blah blah Koga. This guy finally felt like a gym. Mostly because his Weezing got crazy poison hax on like every move
-Mugg’s Venusaur at Silph Co. actually was a bit intimidating, finally broke out the Cosmic Powers.
-One shot all of Sabrina’s team
-Blaine was easy as well
-Same with Giovanni
-Got more pokemon so I had 40 to get the Amulet Coin. Fought a bunch of trainers I skipped for the money.
-Used the money to buy the coins to get the TMs for Ice Beam and Thunderbolt. Taught them both to Alto
-Blah blah blah Victory Road

The E4 was almost too easy. I was expecting much worse. The only thing that wasn’t capable of being two shot was Mugg’s Arcanine.

I think I'm gonna to the endgame stuff and do the E4 rematches. I'll update if I do.

Alto the Modest Clefable ♂, Lv.77 @ Leftovers
Ability: Cute Charm
-Cosmic Power
-Ice Beam

Screens and Video: