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    Rion Mazer

    Rion heard none of this, blood pounding in his ears as he ran unknowingly for the direction of the dorm. His mind likely recognized the boy's desire to go curl under the blue covers for the rest of his life. At some point, he tripped and had to pull himself to his feet, knees stinging in unison with his eyes. The Emolga's cry did manage to be heard however, but it spurred his charge, reaching the dorm with a quiet whimper.

    He hurried inside but Deena paused, watching the Emolga dive toward them. She reached out and firmly paused the Pokemon's flight with a paw. "You'll do no good, rushing in like that," the Pokemon said warmly. "Rion's too overwhelmed at the moment. He wouldn't listen to anything I said to him now." She felt sympathy for the young girl, really she did. But trying to get Rion to understand that sort of thing asked for this. He still wasn't even sure what friends were.

    "Go on and bring that girl here," she commanded the Emolga, putting her paw down. "Maybe I'll be able to calm my silly charge then." Without waiting for an answer, she went inside, Rion having left the dorm room door open in his haste to get to a "safer" place.

    Sure enough, the boy was under the covers, shaking as he tried (and failed) to calm himself down. Deena sighed and climbed to lay next to the blanket worm, shutting the door behind her. "It's things like this that make you look very hopeless."
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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