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    Pokémon Gen IV Map Converter
    by Spiky-Eared Pichu

    Pokémon Gen IV Map Converter is my first hacking tool, created to make Gen IV mapping easier. It allows exporting and importing the different sections of a map file as separate files. Editing is planned for the future, but it won't support every section.

    The file formats supported by this tool as of version 0.5 are:
    • Move Permissions files (*.per)
    • Buildings files (*.bld)
    • Nintendo DS Model files (*.nsbmd)
    • Terrain files (*.bdhc)
    The tool has a built-in file checker when opening maps and importing sections. Make sure you're importing the right data. It autodetects the game origin as well, but it can be changed at any time (be careful, incorrect values will lead to map corruption).



    Note: The latest .NET Framework is required to run the tool.

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