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Name/Nicknames: Laurence Fox
Gender/Sex: Male
Age: 21
: Laurence is an average kind of dude, sorta. He's tall, about 6'2", but looks about five inches higher than that thanks to his luck on acquiring on ectomorphic body at birth. Simply saying he's tall with a narrow body, thin limbs, and drooping shoulders. His attempts at bulking up or at least putting on a little mass have been impossible and since he was maybe twelve has had a noticeably thin body. At first it was funny, but when realizing how meek he looked, it was just a hassle all together.

However, the upside to being naturally thin is that you can pull off the "thin look". Unfortunately dressing "thin" means that his wardrobe can rack up some serious bills. Especially suits. Luckily for him, as nice as suits are, he doesn't particularly enjoy wearing them and, as such, successfully avoids going to places which require them (well except work...). For his casual dress, Laurence wears something either tailored (because he has to) or luckily bought in his size. He isn't really "in the know" when it comes to fashion, so his everyday wear usually consists of straight-leg pants and some kind of shirt or another. He's a fan of dark clothes (though not too dark) so a dark green or a brown or a little bit of black somewhere is kind of his thing. What's more of his trade mark, though, is a jacket he wears. Not a hoodie or anything like that, but a nice, gray sport coat. It had to be his favorite jacket and while he never absolutely had to wear it, he did wear it often over his garb. It was a jacket that he'd taken out of his father's closet after his passing and had kept not really for sentimental value, but because it looked almost criminally nice (at least to him). The years had worn it some, but it still kept a good portion of flare.

A life of crime doesn't really describe Laurence's daily life. The only life of crime he gets is from watching mystery or crime shows on TNT or some other network like that. He'd wish for a life of crime, if it didn't also come with the risk of the death penalty or being on the run or something like that. He really wasn't an on the run type of guy. No, Laurence's life is quite average and it wouldn't be treading into unknown waters to say it was quite dull. His life has always been like this, or at least until the time he was conscious enough to realize how boring his regular day really was. When you stopped having battles with Lugia in your backyard or school didn't keep you so occupied that walking around the neighborhood with friends or going skating constituted for wild nights the whole "my life could be much better" thought starts to come up more often. As a kid, of course, Laurence didn't care about any of that. Fighting Lugia was all he needed to keep himself occupied. The youngest of two, Laurence was behind part of his brother's shadow. He was not completely forgotten, but it was always Bruce & Laurence, never Laurence & Bruce. It wasn't really something that Laurence got mad about, being a no conflict kind of guy, but it didn't stop him from realizing that he wasn't the most notable part of the family. His brother Bruce was most usually smarter than him, there was maybe two things that Laurence could get on Bruce: Height and athletics. Not like lifting weights and punching and kicking kind of athletics, but run a mile or bike up a hill kind of athletics. Bruce was like snails and rabbits when it came to a race, but that wasn't really something you could hang over a person's head. Not only was Bruce smart, but he was an idea guy. Not to say that Laurence was never creative, but Bruce could make ideas that made a lot more sense and were a lot more practical than anything he could come up with. An example of this gift was Bruce's idea for them to start their own business.

Late Fox was the name of their soon-to-be constructed bar. They of course, at the time, didn't know much about making their own bar or business for that matter, but Laurence had a knack for getting to know people, finding important guys that could help out. That's where he came in. The idea was constructed when Bruce was on his way to college. He'd never really known what he wanted to do, but Bruce knew he wanted to own something, not work anywhere and, being a year behind him and thus, still in high school, the idea seemed like the best thing in the world for Laurence, even though he couldn't touch the stuff without cops writing an arrest (not that it would change much). As the years went by Laurence's view on the slowly growing plans became less enthusiastic. The idea was, however, coming together. Bruce was attempting some sort of degree in business and Laurence, like he'd always been able, could find the guys that could help them out on their bar-making-scheme or at least get a cheap lot to set up shop. Before long their plan and goal had expanded, Bruce not only wanting to build a bar, but make their own beer. Naturally the two had no idea what the first part of brewing was, but it was a work and progress and, again, Laurence could find the right people, right? They have made closer steps to the first part of their master plan. While the actual building has not been raised yet, Bruce has his eyes on what he thinks would be a good location and it would only take some rigorous savings to purchase it. They would, of course, they had no doubts against it and Laurence, being so good with people, had a way of securing the spot for them for at least a couple years. And, while business wasn't the most interesting thing in the world for him, Laurence knew Bruce was a dreamer and would assist him on this little journey.

Things, however, can't always go so smoothly. Laurence didn't end up in SOUL on purpose, may not have even deserved it, but he somehow was able to get himself stuck. While Laurence wasn't the type of guy to go out of his way to try a sport, sometimes he would go to the track at the gym of his own accord and run a few laps for a quick workout before his normal (attempts at) body building exercises. He usually did his workouts with a friend and during the run had gotten himself immersed in quite the conversation, to the point where he stopped paying so much attention to where he was going. He ended up running into a fellow gym-goer who, simply speaking, didn't appreciate Laurence's lack of attention. Not wanting conflict, he tried to get out of it, but... Well. The end result was a black eye and an order to go to SOUL on the account that he had at least tried not to engage in fighting.

This isn't exactly a program he wants to be in. Luckily as long as he keeps his laptop with him and the shipping address, he can keep up with his studies.

: Laurence is the sort of guy that goes with life avoiding all the punches. He doesn't like having to deal with tough situations and does his best to keep out of them. He works hard, eats right, and obeys the rules. A good citizen and that's all he needs to be. Unfortunately his life can be quite boring, giving him monotonous mornings, afternoons, and nights. He doesn't complain much, but does wish for something more exciting. His social life, for one could be better. Laurence can feel uncomfortable with the prospect of talking to women, since he's not sure how they'll take him. When he does start talking he does relatively well, though he always makes his next words like a multiple choice test. Laurence doesn't get angry very much, or doesn't try to, because getting angry is taxing on energy. He's not too partial to things that are taxing on energy and feels better doing things the easier way than the hardest way, at least when it comes to physical activity like climbing or something like that. The volunteer work, like his normal job, he does his best on. Like anyone forced into the SOUL project, Laurence isn't happy about being in there, but doesn't complain much about it, mostly because that would be taxing.

Laurence both hates and enjoys being the normal guy or the one that's just there. When he does have the opportunity to be in the spotlight, he usually declines, even though he wishes for something like so. When insulted, he either agrees or tries to make a joke out of it. Getting angry might put him into a conflict and conflicts not only made him uncomfortable, but they were emotionally and physically draining. He tried to stay on a person's good side anyways. It was easier to be nicer to someone when you were on their good side and Laurence was just a naturally nice person. Being mean took up too much energy anyways and he wasn't good at it! Insults weren't really his forte and hating someone was really tiring. If he ever got in a fight, he'd surely fail. He never exactly learned how to fight. Punching, yes, but how hard could he really punch?

Aspiration: Laurence is going into the beer making business with his brother, it seemed. But business was never really his calling or something he found interesting. Laurence always liked the media, and not just the media, but the camera. He didn't necessarily take photos since he was eight, but he always liked the idea of photography, liked the emotions they could display in real life. He realized he'd be interested in the trade his Junior year in high school and focused his studies in college on photographic arts. His brother Bruce tried to convince him to focus on his pictures rather than a bar, but Laurence refused and figured he could use it for at least advertising.

: Togepi!
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RP Sample:
Man it was cold out here... Josie shivered as a breeze blew over him. He stood now at the top of the cave where the makeshift helipad was located. Here, he waited for the helicopter to arrive. Obviously they wouldn't keep them all in the backyard... It was kind of ticking him off that they didn't. The damn pilot was late. With his hands stuffed in his pockets he shivered again, a partial scowl on his face. The rebels were supposed to be made up of ex-military men and women and yet they couldn't get a helicopter to a cave on time. It made it worse that he was the only one out here. If he didn't know better he'd think he was late or ridiculously early. He'd been standing here for ten minutes with his pack on his back and his partner in his pocket. Giorgio's most trusted... Josie scoffed. Obviously not his best.

Tired of complaining to himself, Josie let out a long sigh, keeping his limbs close to his body to generate warmth. He blinked slowly, feeling cold under his eyelids, a cold that just made him sleepy. As he yawned he began to hear the deep wing beats of propellers in the background and when he looked he saw the dark-colored dot of what had better been the damn helicopter. Taking a few steps forward and peering out it turned out to be true. Josie let out a heavy sigh of relief and felt a little frustration come to him. Why so long? Why!?

In three minutes time the intense roar of the helicopter pounded its ears and it stood before him, landed and ready. The pilot of this vehicle, a light-skinned man who's facial features were hidden behind his helmet, stuck his head out of the helicopter's window.

"Well!? Hurry up! Don't make us late!" Josie scowled. Oh yeah, he was making them late. Biting back a reply, Josie marched into the helicopter, taking his seat and strapping himself in. He flinched when he was almost hit by projectile headphones thrown back at him. "You'll need those!" The pilot said, pointing at them casually. Scowl still present, Josie pulled them down over his ears, feeling the helicopter rise into the air.

"So where are we going!?" The pilot yelled back at him a few minutes in.

"Wh-What!?" Josie yelled back in surprise. "You mean you don't know!?" What kind of pilot was this!? In the middle of his panic, the pilot burst out in a deep and hearty laugh.

"Yeah, I know! I just wanted to see if you'd be polite enough to tell me!" Josie's frown deepened while the laughing filled the radio in his headset. Please, please, let this trip be quick! Josie looked out of the door-less side of the helicopter. The ocean was right below them; big, blue, endless. It was kind of amazing looking at the thing and while he did he could remember the old days of jet skiing, boating, and simple swimming in these waters. Of course, you had to be careful with Pokemon and such, but otherwise, it was perfect. Remembering made his heart sink a little, but also his resolve heighten. That's why he was on this mission. So those good times wouldn't just be memories anymore.


They flew for a while, the ride silent save for the times the pilot decided to point out how green he was as a rebel or to make a joke that he found hilarious and Josie found less exciting. By now they were over the land of Johto and on their way to route 38. Even over the helicopter's intense noise, Josie could still hear the fireworks behind them. They blasted and boomed like bombs themselves, though their fire was cheery and colorful. When Josie had seen it he didn't feel like a child at a carnival like he should have. He felt sick, like an innocent watching a madman laugh as he ripped a person to pieces. It was all the same, really. It was a celebration of a hopeless future. When Josie was done the next fireworks would celebrate a better era.

Here they were in no danger of being hit by one of these red-hot missiles of fun. It seemed like, to Josie, that they were in the clear. Well... heh, maybe not. Josie's head shot to the cockpit of the craft when suddenly sirens began to blare and lights flash.

"Sh*t!" The pilot yelled. What, what? Alarms went off in Josie's head, but none of them could tell him what exactly was going on. He jerked as the helicopter suddenly veered to the right. His hands automatically gripped his seat, trying to keep himself grounded.

"What is it!? What's going on!?" His only reply was a frustrated growl, he wasn't sure if the pilot had heard him. Josie heard a high pitched screaming to his left. What was--? His thoughts couldn't be finished. Suddenly the helicopter did a full turn--no, actually... A flip. Josie shut his eyes tight as the copter flipped upside down and back around.

"Missiles!" He heard. Josie opened his eyes, not sure if he'd heard right.


"Missiles! Missiles, dammit! We're in an anti-aircraft zone!" The alarms in Josie's head went haywire then. Missiles!? There were missiles shooting at them!? His heart was already beating fast, but now it seemed like it'd pop out of his chest. Missile! Oh god, missiles! He could die now, right now. Just like that. No kind of warning, nothing. Just an explosion and he was gone. Or he'd just be maimed and suffer. He'd never been on a mission before, he'd never been in anything close to this, unless you count encounters in video games. The helicopter jerked again, dodging past another flying explosive. "You're going to have to jump!"


"Goddammit, can't you hear!? Jump, jump!" J-Jump!? He couldn't jump! Straight out of the helicopter while missiles were flying everywhere!? That was suicide! "You either jump or stay in here and die with me, kid!" Goddammit...! Josie grabbed the straps that held him in and undid them. Head clear, head clear. "Hold on!" What!? Josie felt himself slip as the helicopter flipped itself again. He grabbed onto the closest thing to him, holding on as it sped through a maneuver that seemed to last forever. "You still here!?"

"Y-Yeah..." Letting go of the side, Josie tried to remember his training. Tried to remember to refocus himself. He went over little things in his mind like a list, little insignificant pieces of information, like how to store his knife or how to put on and remove gear. He stood at the edge of the helicopter, world moving in slow motion. He looked below him. Trees covered the land, dark and mysterious. If it weren't for the aerial battle they were having now, they'd be peaceful. The anti-aricraft weapons, wherever they were, were nowhere in sight. Nowhere he could easily spot them. Josie looked to his left as another high pitched screeching came from below him. Right there was a thing, sharp, shiny silver projectile speeding towards them. A missile. All he could see was the nozzle and the smoke behind it. His eyes widened as he realized what was coming to him.

"Jump now!" The pilot's command thrusted him back into reality and without another thought he pushed out with his legs and sent himself into the air. Immediately the free fall sensation hit him and he felt like he was moving faster than any bullet. The missile he'd seen just a second before sped past him, going straight for the helicopter. He felt the heat of its fuel for a split second before a blaze went off behind him. The sound of the explosion was louder than any of the fireworks had been and the screeching from the broken tail of the helicopter was louder than any plane he had stood next to. He imagined carnage as he fell towards the Earth, wind whipping past him at high speeds and the ground getting larger and larger as he stared at it. He closed his eyes, counting aloud as he was told to in this situation.

5... 4... 3... 2... Josie lifted his hand, grabbing the handle of his parachute. 1! He jerked the string, releasing the large parachute and stopping immediately. All at once he felt gravity's force hit him hard as the harnesses jerked against him. He grunted, wincing and gritting his teeth at the pain that came after that and the uncomfortable sensation he was stuck in. Josie looked to his right as the screeching suddenly became louder. The helicopter spun through the air, the tail in flames. It was out of control, doing 360's as it fell towards the Earth faster and faster. In no time it disappeared behind the trees and another explosion sounded off, louder than the first, sending a plume of smoke and fire into the air. Josie stared in horror, the image of the helicopter pieces strewn across the ground coming to his mind. And the pilot... Damn. He never even learned the guy's name.

Hard as it was, Josie forced himself to look back at the ground. He focused on landing, of getting out of this harness and getting as far away as he could as fast as he could. There would be men after him in no time and he could risk getting caught, and most likely killed, after all of this. He floated smoothly towards the ground, moving forward only from the gentle current of air.

He was in Johto now, and for some reason, it never seemed so threatening.
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