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Vieve Gotle

Vieve wasn't even sure what happened to the game she was suppose to be playing. The letters had appeared but the nothing else happened which was a bit weird. She wondered if she was going to die because she really wasn't playing "the game". Then she remembered that it had to be a spam message. How would the person actually kill her if she didn't play the game? It's not like they knew where she lived or where she went to school at, she was safe as could be.
paintSplatter began pestering babelsEngineer [LIST]
PS: Did you get creepy jewelry?
PS: You know if I wanted to accessorize I would've but this is just tacky

BE: → Oh
BE: → My
BE: → God
BE: → !!!!
]BE: → Vieve, I think you're in my monitor…
PS: What are you talking about?
BE: → I mean, you ARE in my monitor!
PS: You're not making sense...
BE: → This is so cool!
BE: → It's like, virtual reality!
BE: → Did you have to use some headgear?
PS: Headgear? Virtual Reality? Did you take drugs?
BE: → Or maybe it's something new…
BE: → But there's no mistaking it, this is you in my monitor!
PS: Okay, let's take a step back. I'm not your monitor, I'm not in your monitor. OKAY?
BE: → Yeah, you are.
BE: → It's probably just an avatar though…
BE: → Did you create an avatar?
BE: → I don't think I got to
PS: Avatar? I don't think so...
BE: → ):
babelsEngineer sent the file SburbScreenShot.jpg to paintSplatter.
BE: → Game's got really good graphics, huh?
PS: How did you get that!? And here I thought Vinnie was the stalker....
BE: → Anyways, I wonder what the Revise tool does…

Before Vieve had a chance to type “Stop” half the wall on her left collapsed into rumbled. She whipped her head around upon hearing the noise and noticed the mess. Her mind was jumbled, did Ricardo really just destroy that? How could he, he lived nowhere near her and even if he did he didn’t have a bulldozer. Vieve’s heartbeat sped up really fast in a short amount of time, she clinched her chest and breathed in and out. Being calm was one of the things she knew how to do but this was just impossible. She pushed the chair she was sitting on back to go observe the mess that had been made. The bed was covered with dust and debris from the collapse. While walking over to the wall Vieve had steady her heartbeat and let her hand fall from her chest. She picked up a piece of the wall and rolled it over in her hand, this was real. Vieve wondered if she had been transported to some alternative video game reality because her Mother would be pissed. Wasn’t her brother in the garden? He would see that the wall collapsed and tell their Mom right away. The dust hadn’t settled so Vieve couldn’t look to see if he had saw or not. Vieve made her way back to her computer and began typing, she needed answers.
paintSplatter pestered babelsEngineer
  • PS: You did this didn’t you?
  • PS: Are you an idiot?
  • PS: How is this possible?!
  • PS: It's not possible.

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