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Vinnie Valentine

Vinnie watched as Candice started to freak out on his screen. She wasn't exactly flipping stuff over, but he could tell she was frantic. She noticed your pestering, and typed a response. It came immediately as she sent it, or at least as she finished typing. There didn't seem to be any lag.

Vinnie read her messages. She seemed like she was going to have a panic attack. Vinnie typed this in, trying to calm her down. To tell the truth, he really needed to hear it himself.

BV: Calm down!
BV: Nothing bad happened
BV: Just think of it this way...
BV: You got a new toy
BV: Don't worry about me, I wont look down your shirt or anything

Vinnie thought back to the weird messages he got. Although creepy, they seemed helpful. All he could really remember was Deploy before Revise. He clicked on the deploy window, regretting that he had done so. He held his breath and waited for something to pop up in Candice's room.


Oh, theres a drop down menu. Well, that was embarrassing. The objects in the menu were weird too. Cruxtruder? Totem Lathe? Alchemiter? Vinnie related them to the first thing that came to his mind. Horcrux, totem poles, and alchemy. Well, horcrux is the word used in Harry Potter to describe the split shards of a wizards soul. Aka magic. Totem poles were native american stuff, which was voodoo....or something. Vinnie never cared for the Americas. And alchemy is potions and such, right? So this was a whole bunch of magic, voodoo, and potions. Candice loved that crap.

BV: Okay, okay
BV: Im going to send you some items...i think.
BV: some Velicirapter told me too or something
BV: They look cool

Vinnie looked back over to SBURB, and viewed the drop down menu under deploy. Cautious, he only did one to start. But which one to pick? Totem Lathe was out, Vinnie didn't mess ith voodoo. Cruxtruder, or Alchemiter? Vinnie thought hard.

Well, for alchemy, you need ingredients, right? So a tool like object is useless without the right materials. But Cruxtruder is weird sounding. And the Harry Potter theory is a long shot....

He finally decided on a coin flip. Heads, cruxtruder it was. Tails, Alchemiter. He flipped, and caught. Tails never fails. He started to move his mouse towards the Alchemiter, but halfway he changed his mind and clicked Cruxtruder. He didn't know why, and regretted his decision even as he made it. His stomach knotted up and he held his breath.

Oh man, what did I just do?

Vinnie watched in anticipation at the screen, similar to when someone watches a horror film, and things get intense when you know the murderer is going to jump out and kill someone. He covered his eyes and looked away, but peeked through his fingers.

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