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No scream from the garden. It seems as if your twin brother has not noticed the wall disappearing. Ah, that's because it didn't really get teared down like a wall does when you level a house. It just sort of... disappeared, leaving just a little bit of debris behind in the form of cracks in the nearby walls and a cloud of dust in the air. But it looks more like some invisible saw has sawed the wall off and then swallowed it without a trace, than as if someone has just torn it down.


You DEPLOY the CRUXTRUDER in the middle of Candice's room. Luckily you avoid putting it down on top of her, since the machine is 2 square meters large and probably prrrretty heavy. Maybe decide beforehand where to put something down, next time? It's a sort of light blue-ish gray metallic color all over, except for the marking on the top. ((even though this picture is white))

There's a screen on every side of it, but it's dark and empty for now. There's also a handle and some kind of lid on the tube at the top. The lid almost seems to... vibrate and jump a little. As if it wanted to come off but couldn't really do it on its own. Trying to twist the handle does nothing. You'd probably have to bang it hard with something heavy in order to get it off.

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