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    I hath been recruited~ :P lol

    Name: Jackie Miller

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Pokémon Species: Charmeleon

    Job Title: Knight of the Oran

    Appearance: Jackie stands at about three and a half feet, weighs 45 pounds and has a decently muscular build. She has smooth, dark orange scales that shine with youth, minus the strange birthmark she has on her forehead, which appears as a pale yellow discoloration that may have resulted from lack of pigmentation in that area. On the tip of her tail burns a large, healthy flame that Jackie is quite proud of. Her sharp claws are a very clean white and her eyes are a cerulean blue. Jackie always has a curious and observant mien, that shows off her desire to explore.

    She wears a silver, slightly rusted close helmet with an Oran Berry insignia on the front as she likes that it can mask her identity. Jackie has adapted well to noticing her surroundings with it on just as well as she can with it off. As for body armor, she wears a simple bronze cuirass. Jackie prefers to not wear any armor on her legs as she feels it would reduce mobility too much. What can she say, she's a runner.

    Personality: Jackie loves to explore and will take any opportunity to do so while still following orders as best as she can. She secretly doesn't mind the Mechanists and really believes the machines they use are incredibly interesting. Jackie is very confused about why the members of the Council don't find them as intriguing as she does.

    Jackie is a humble Pokémon and doesn't like to show off or try to be a better knight than all the others. In fact, even is she tried to, she probably wouldn't be taken very seriously since she is female. Jackie refuses to acknowledge this however, as dwelling on the whole thing would only make her feel very low. She believes everybody should be treated as equals but she doesn't speak out about this because not only would it make her a target for teasing, she could possibly get in big trouble as well.

    Like all the other knights, Jackie is very religious and prays to Arceus daily. She also idolizes the legendary Ho-Oh and strives to one day have just as much power and skill with fire as the holy bird does. Besides having huge amounts of respect for these two legendaries, Jackie also highly respects those who have authority over her. Whether they are nice and fair or mean and cruel, she doesn't hold grudges against anyone and can become emotionally attached fairly easily if they help her out in any way that she appreciates.

    History: Jackie was born to two Charmeleon in the city of Tanyun. Her parents were well aware of the war going on between the Knights and the Mechanists. Not only that, but they were secretly allied with the Mechanists. They kept different types of machinery in their home and spent a lot of their free time tweaking them and using them to make tasks easier. They believed that Pokémon should be embracing the advanced technology that humanity brought upon the world.

    It didn't last much longer for them, however. When Jackie was about two years old, her parents were caught by the Council and taken away, along with Jackie. Nothing is known about what happened to the pair of Charmeleon. Whether they were executed or banished is uncertain, but Jackie doesn't remember them enough to even ponder the possibilities. She, however, was placed in Swine and trained to be a knight for the rest of her life.

    Due to being female, there was practically no real chance for her to rise up any ranks and be more important, so the then Charmander found it hard to care about training at all. She did her best to not make it obvious, though, because she didn't want anyone finding out that she doesn't mind Mechanists and thinks they're pretty cool Pokémon.

    Around the age of twelve, Jackie evolved into a Charmeleon and continued to train with retired knights, though one couldn't say she was very happy at this point. She found it extremely draining that she went through the exact same training as everyone else, and they got higher positions while she stayed in the same position she was in whether she was better than them or not.

    Moveset: Dragon Rage, Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Flame Burst

    Please let me know if I made some kind of giant mistake.
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