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Arrival- Thayla Island
Alex Tinajero paces back and forth across the ship as it heads for the Thayla Island docks, and Alex only has this one thing on his mind right now: Are we there YET?

When the ship docks, Alex looks around and admires the giant red stadium that overlooks this half of the island, and the waves crashing onto the beach as he gets off the boat, however the weather could be better, it’s very hot, despite the fact that he never takes off his sweater even in the summer heat. Alex also notices that the Admission building is about one hundred yards away. Exhausted by the five hour boat ride from Sunnyshore City, he decides to walk there. As Alex walks towards his destination, several pedestrians stare at Alex, just because they haven’t seen someone as big as him in a very long time. However, some immature teenager had the nerve to start shoving Alex as he passed by. Politely, Alex said,” Sorry for bumping into you.”

However, the same teen started shoving Alex even harder, and, now getting a little angry, Alex said,” Hey! Can you stop pushing me?

After saying that, Alex actually turned around and realized he was getting mugged. Or not, because the scrawny teen was having a hard time taking Alex’s bag. The teen suddenly punched Alex in the face to hopefully knock him out, but the only thing he accomplished was making a very big man’s face very red, and very angry.

Alex screamed as his foot struck the teen’s chest Sparta-style, knocking the teen to the floor on his back. This was more than enough to make a small group around this little skirmish. Seeing the six-foot tall menace getting ready to beat the living **** outta him, the teen quickly gets up, turns, and tries to run, but he is suddenly grabbed by the legs, landing him face first onto the concrete sidewalk. Alex then stomps the failed mugger’s back, and hears a loud crunch. Satisfied with this outcome, Alex walks away towards the admission building, leaving the scrawny, crying teenager to think about what he has done. Alex’s little audience decides that the teen got what he deserved and most of them walk away, but the remaining audience starts taking videos of the crybaby.

Even more exhausted from the fight, Alex pants, and then is relieved to find out that he has arrived at the Admission office. Alex takes off his sweater and stuffs it in his bag entering the double doors of the building. As he enters the Admission building, Alex notices that the clerk has watched him crack that mugger’s ribs with a stomp, and that she is a blond. He chuckles a little bit.

The clerk informs Alex, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to call Island Security, sir.”

Alex asks, “Why?”

The clerk answers, “Because you have assaulted and injured a minor. They will take you away to the nearest juvenile detention center.” She picks up a phone and starts dialing.

“WAIT, if you let them take me away, I’ll never know where the treasure is buried.”

The clerk stops dialing and asks, “What treasure?”

“Uh….. the treasure of Ima Wiener.”

“Ima Wiener?”

Alex bursts out in laughter as the embarrassed desk clerk suddenly realizes who this laughing idiot is.

She asks, “Are you a contestant in this year’s Pokémon Grand Tournament?”

It takes about five seconds for Alex to stop laughing in order to respond to the question. Ashamed of his current behavior, Alex politely answers,” Yes I am a contestant, why?”

“I need your information regarding the tournament.”

Alex shows the clerk his information and his room pass. The clerk seems very confused about something.

“What’s wrong?”

“You don’t seem to have a partner. Or a room….”

“Well, aren’t you going to assign me one?”

The clerk reads over Alex’s information, and types something onto her computer. After five minutes, the clerk finishes typing. “There we go. Your new partner is Orion Pierce. Your housing is over there, second door to the right. The Legendary representing your housing is Palkia.”

Alex makes his way towards his new room as the clerk asks one more question to Alex,“Do you have MPD?”

“MPD? It’s call DID.”

“Well, this is only to confirm it, were you recently diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder, sir?”

Alex still can’t believe that he has such a condition.” No, I haven’t been diagnosed with DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder.”

The clerk types on her computer one last time before telling Alex that he can go now. As Alex approaches the door, he looks up and prays that the décor will be girls inside. As Alex swipes his key, he opens the Palkia themed doorway, and unfortunately doesn’t find anyone inside the housing at this moment. Alex looks around and disappointingly sees that almost everything in the room is a dark pink color. Alex reassures himself that there will be probably girls in this room sooner or later, since girls like pink.

Alex suddenly remembers that he hasn’t bothered to look at the list of contestants and their housings. Excited to see the names of the “girls” he is going to meet, Alex takes a paper out of his bag, and starts reading off the names of the contestants in the Palkia housing. When he finishes reading the last name, Alex starts to run around the room and panics.

He knows three things about his current situation:

1. There are only boys in the Palkia housing.
2, The Palkia housing décor is PINK.
3, Boys and the color PINK don’t mix well together unless the boy is…….
Terrified of thinking of sleeping in a full room of....very loving people….Alex dives behind the nearest bed, and with Pokeball in hand, hopes that the next person that comes through the door won't be ***.
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