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Thank you Kobora! I just started, so heres an Update!

Did all the beginning stuff and hacked in a Lickitung as my starter, Named him Ghirahim (you who have played skyward sword know what i mean.
Got to Mr. Pokemon and got a Pokedex from oak.
i Then stomped Gussi my rival and his Chickorita.
Did some training and got to Violet city, has been kinda hard sofar because the only damaging move Ghirahim knows is Lick, which is uneffective on Normal types....
Plowed through the Sprout Tower and finally got Knock off.
Had som trouble with Falkner because of all my attacking move only have 20 power... .___.
But i managed to win and moved south after i got the egg.
i am now in the Union cave and taught Ghirahim Rock Tomb.

Ghirahim lv 19
Own Tempo

Knock Off
Rock Tomb

Kanto - Johto - Hoenn - Sinnoh - Unova
Emerald, might do Ultimate later

Diamond: Nuzlocke Challenge

Extreme Solo: Lickitung/Lickilicky - HeartGold
Solo Challenge: Gengar - Platinum
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