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    Cody Rhodes
    A Stuttering Start
    Cody threw open the door and came to a sudden halt with the sight of a young man with a wet mop of red hair, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and still quite wet, clearly from a shower had already halted and was standing staring at him

    ‘’Er...I think you have the wrong room, this one is mine’’

    Cody stood completely still for a moment, staring at back at the pale lad, a few moments passed before Cody worked up the energy to open his mouth

    ‘’Oh.....Uuuuum, W...w....w....well, c....c...c....card key says that this is my room too’’

    Codys eyes darted around the room, desperate the break the tension, he noticed a table in the middle of the room covered with playing cards and poker chips, as well as two beds, one clearly already claimed and broken in under the weight of a suitcase and untidy bed cover, the other still well made and clearly untouched since.

    ‘’I guess m...m....maybe we’re room mates?!’’

    Cody stepped forward stretching out his hand holding the card key so to prove to this other male that then was indeed his room too, when suddenly he felt his foot cave in underneath him, and gravity kicked in as he came crashing to the floor, his suitcase making the fall all the more awkward

    Great start Cody...
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