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Final Update on SoulSilver
  • Caught Lugia (Just so I can transfer it to my White Version, but it'll be my Waterfall slave for now.
  • Entered Kanto.
  • Survived Ace Trainer hell.
  • Beat Shadow for the final required time in Victory Road.
  • Took down the Elite Four and Lance.
  • Got the Metal Coat on the S.S. Aqua.
  • Once I got to Vermillion City, I traded I. Wiggler while holding the Metal Coat to evolve it into a Steelix.
  • Got through all the Kanto Gym Leaders, and went through the ultimate grindfest to prepare myself for Red.
  • Went through Mt. Silver and beat Red after one hell of a battle.
Team Zero (Final)

I. Wiggler (Steelix) Lv. 89 @ Amulet Coin
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Rock Head
Final Stats: 267/189/441/142/147/104
Moves: Dragonbreath, Stone Edge, Rock Climb, Earthquake
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