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    Riku Kimura

    Gender/Sex| Male
    Age| 18

    Appearance| >Riku Graham< Standing at six feet flat and weighing in at some one hundred and fifty pounds with the physique of an experienced athlete, not to mention the nonchalant expression forever plastered on his face, appearance alone could mislead people into believing he's older than he actually is. His olive skin is stretched across lean muscles, modest in size, his upper right arm marked with a tattoo of Hawaiian tribal markings. His hazel eyes glitter with clarity and keenness, assessing and examining the world leisurely, not usually focusing on a single aspect of his surroundings. His dark, almost black, hair is kept jagged into a fo-hawk with no real effort to keep it neat.

    Usually, Riku's entire person is swathed in clothes that he managed to steal. This being said, he's usually decked out in the most fashionable clothes he liked. Ranging from graphic tees to crewneck sweaters and expensive looking jackets, Riku didn't hesitate in taking what he wanted. He tends to stray from jeans and opts to wear cargo shorts for a quick get-away from his crimes and for a comfortable breeze. Mid-length athletic socks usually cover his feet under a pair of his favorite, and probably only, brand of sneakers - Jordans. Typically, he doesn't wear any head wear, but on occasion he's known to wear a snapback cap or even a beanie.

    History: Riku was born into a world that many children experienced, but few dared to acknowledge. He grew up in a very old, poor neighborhood in Rustboro. He lived with both his mother, Irene, and with his father, Joshua, for only a short while. A car accident took his mother from him when he was only six, and stricken with grief his father attempted suicide. After that failed, he left him and his two siblings - a younger brother and sister - to the care of his grandmother who lived on the other side of the city. His memories of his mother are vague, if not almost extinct, those of his father he rather forget. The children lived with his grandmother in a small home that she had worked hard and alone for after the disappearance of her husband. His grandmother taught her grandson to only place his trust in himself and no one else, and to never expect things in life unless you worked and earned them. This meant Riku was force to grow up early in order to try and maintain a stable life while he lived with his grandmother. The word was cold and cruel to all of them, but so long as they had one another's love and support, perhaps things would work out in their favor.

    Riku was one of the only child from a poor background at the school he attended. It was otherwise full of wealthy, snotty and spoiled children who would constantly tease him. Unfortunately, life's cruelty didn't stop there. It was no walk in the park; not a single person stood up to defend him or become his friend, no other child came to his side. The young Riku was bullied all throughout elementary and middle school, mostly by the richer kids he was forced to grow up with in school and by the thugs that roamed around the slums he called home. They'd tease him about his hair, his hazel eyes or the way he always dressed in rags. It only grew worse up until the point he was sent home early when the rich kids tossed old, rotten cafeteria food on him, and was confronted by the local thugs and mugged. They left him with deep gashes everywhere on his body, all for five dollars. He was alone. Slowly but surely, he began not only to put up a tough guy act for protection, but also a deep hatred for the human race.

    When he was eleven, he decided it was enough, it would all end. He had planned to begin robbing the local shops and convenient stores around his neighborhood so they would be able to move away to a nicer place. A small start, yes, but soon enough he piled on larger stores and even a restaurant once. Eventually he began mugging random people around town, he would never hurt innocent people, but knowing this neighborhood these people he would beat down were sure to be guilty of something. His younger brother, the only other person aware of his misdeeds, would constantly try to talk him out of it. But after explaining he was just one more robbery away from affording them to all move to a wonderful neighborhood in Johto, his brother hesitantly offered his help. After months of planning, the biggest heist Riku would ever pull came to life. With the help of his brother and his uncle, a local gangster and get-away driver, the group hi-jacked a heavily armored truck carrying thousands of dollars heading for the bank of Rustboro. After knocking both guards unconscious and a quick get-away with the truck, they seemed to be in the clear.

    But the police had some how caught up to them not ten minutes later, and after hitting a dead end they proceeded to run away on foot - leaving all the money behind. The police had shot their uncle dead, and managing to grab their dead relative's gun, Riku and his younger brother Andre hid behind a dumpster. Mind clouded with adrenaline, Riku talked Andre into shooting blindly to grab the officers attention while he went back for the money. A few seconds after Andre began firing the gun to allow his older brother to complete their mission, the police fire opened fire and managed to hit Andre in the leg. The panicking fourteen year old fired blindly into the crowd of officers and managed to hit two - one in the head. The police swarmed him like lions on a wounded Zebra, Riku had no choice but to agree with his brother's cries to run, and he just kept running. Tears running down his face, he couldn't believe what he had just done to his brother, what had happened. Not paying attention, he was hit by a police car as soon as he turned a corner. Not hard, but with enough force to knock him on the ground which provided the perfect opportunity for his arrest.

    A few months passed by, he and his younger brother shared a cell. His younger brother was sentenced to death in exactly one year, killing two officers was enough to drain this young boy from emotion enough to the point the announcement of his death did not phase him. He was so calm those days in prison, like he waited for death, and he wasn't afraid of it - he welcomed it. Those days in prison, Riku cherished them, those were the final moments he would see his brother alive. He was sent to the SOUL program the day after the announcement of his brother's death date, but they promised they would allow his brother to call Riku every day. This was all his fault, to this day Riku thinks of nothing much besides a way to free his brother.

    Personality| Though Riku suffered a bad childhood and had to endure many obstacles in life he certainly did not turn down the path of 'loving himself, accepting life and growing for the better'. In other words, he strayed far from the role of the fairy tale Gary Stu. He has come to discover that trusting someone is far too dangerous. While most think it's more morally correct to assume someone is good at first impression, Riku does the exact opposite. Everyone he first meets―or even those he's only heard about―are automatically put under 'deceiver'. Anyone could be a liar, a cheater, a heartbreaker.. And he isn't willing to take the time or risk to figure out which they are.

    He is known to make witty comments, and is quick to have his walls up and ready for combat. Love has not been a big thing for him since he was always on the move, and for good reason, too. He isn't exactly lucky in that department. Riku has no friends besides pokemon, and he is quite content that way. He believes he doesn't need friendships with humans, and this has worked well for him so far. However, when it comes to other people, he can be a little hostile, rude, or completely ice cold with them. Nevertheless, deep down, beyond all of these quirks and conflicting ideas, lies a young man who only ever wanted a casual life. He's come to accept that that cannot happen now, and it is an endless, poignant feeling in his heart. All he has in this world are his memories of those happy days he spent with his family playing with Pokemon. And that, he believes, is all he will ever need. Life has been a struggle for him, and the only way he's ever known how to live is through survival. Luxury is taken too lightly by people. Not enough people know the value of hard work and the struggle to stay alive for the next sunrise. But Riku knows this, and no matter how difficult things get, he will always put on a tough, "I don't give a f*ck" attitude.

    Aspiration: The League Champion gets money, money solves any problem. His brother going to die in one year, yeah, that's a big problem.

    Starter: Larvitar
    Password 1: Questioning Will Entail Rings That Yawn Underneath In Our Place [longest part of this sign up -.-]
    Password 2: seQuoia four
    RP Sample:
    Morning had faded and the sun had burned away the last of the lingering mist. Riku had successfully jumped out of the moving vehicle, which wasn't hard given that it was moving at about five miles per hour. He had a general idea of the direction in which he was headed, having traveled through the place before, but that was two years ago. Things change, as evident by a field of corn in which he found himself a tad lost. The younger stalks poked at his legs and the taller ones that slipped from his hand whipped back at into place, striking random areas on his face in the process. His eye received a minor blow from time to time, making it sting and water, but no real damage was done. Carefully, he picked his way through, knowing the expansive field belonged to some one and did not want to trample any stalks to death. Then again, who would notice a few crushed stalks in the midst of hundreds or thousands? Could be just as well a wild Pokémon had gotten to it. However, he wasn’t going to press his luck. He trudged on. In spite of the uncomfortable prodding by the vegetation, the crops at least provided decent shade though the tightly knitted cluster did make him slightly claustrophobic.

    'The same feeling you felt the night your mother died.'

    Riku began staring absentmindedly at the soil beneath his feet. The voice in his head was right, it was the same overwhelming pressure on his chest. He had trouble breathing, his need for breathing room caused him to sprint in a random direction. It's not like he'd know the difference a midst all these corn stalks. He made it to the dirt road after jumping over a small wooden fence to keep wild pokemon from intruding into the farmer's fields. He shook his head at the nonsense, he shouldn't be feeling like this. He's grown, matured, these feelings were for children. He stopped and lifted his gaze; coming back to his senses, Riku grew slightly surprised at the sight before him. The skies were no longer the crystal blue he'd seen all the way here, but instead a slate gray. It seemed to cast an eerie blanket over the entire route, making every aspect of the area darker. He took a few steps and noticed the crunching sound from his feet walking over the grains of dirt had vanished. There was no sound at all, like he was walking on a cloud. He looked down and saw the dirt covered in patches of white dust, in fact it seemed to be falling from the sky. Like ash from a recently erupted volcano. It was like another world, separated, discarded, prematurely torn away…

    Riku backed himself up to a tree, trying to survey the entire area. The once flourishing Route One had cleared out completely, save for a...Riku squinted. There was a single figure standing in the middle of the road, its concealed face turned toward him. He felt himself freeze, all the sounds and movements around him being pushed out of his mind one after another. It became eerily quiet, and he could have sworn even the swaying corn stalks halted for a moment. Its face was shrouded in the darkness of the hood it wore, but as it raised its gaze Riku was, for a fleeting moment, met with the most chilling hazel eyes he had ever seen. Riku blinked, going against his instinct and standing his ground. Just then, he noticed a couple more figures around him. But these figures were different, they were kids-around his age. The looks on their faces gave Riku the impression they were just as confused as he was. The figure proceeded to take a few steps towards the group of puzzled teenagers, Riku opted to stay right where he was and glare back at the figure. The figure came within speaking range, a few feet away from the group and surveyed them. Its head coming to a halt and Riku could manage to make out a kind of disappointing sight from the figure.

    "Looks like you are all here." Riku raised an eyebrow, he could immediately tell it was a woman. But not like any woman he's ever heard; the voice was cold, demanding, and impatient. He kind of liked it. Her pale hand was raised before the group, palm upwards waiting for something. If she wanted the envelope, she surely wasn't getting it. Bastion is a man's name, and if she truly is this Bastion character he would need some proof. The figure shifted a bit and sighed, "The envelope please." It was that same cold, demanding feminine voice. Riku stood there, giving the same cold and demanding eyes she was giving them. It only took a few moments for the other to hand her the letters, so finally Riku dug in his pocket and slapped it onto her palm. His expression didn't change, neither did his stance-in fact he hardly moved at all. She ripped an envelope open and scanned it over, Riku noticing the large briefcase in her hand. Most likely the supplies she is to give them to start their journeys. The figure raised her free hand and lifted its hood, revealing the innocent face of a rather short woman. It didn't fool Riku, her eyes were still as cold as ever. Riku crossed his arms out of boredom as the woman gave the teenagers a thorough inspection.

    "Listen, I have no idea what He was thinking. If it was up to me I would have never chosen you lot. Who needs a bunch of foolish kids getting in our way?" Riku leaned back onto the tree he was standing by and closed his eyes, his eyebrow twitched. '' He thought, who was she to talk down to him like that? "Whatever. He's the boss so I guess I am stuck with you." Riku couldn't help but chuckle just a bit, Bastion was this woman's boss. She was probably just some lowly grunt, and she think she could talk to him like that? She lifted her arm out, letting the case dangle from her fingers until she let it drop to the ground and pop open. The glimmering red and white capsules wobbled a bit from the impact, but didn't go rolling around everywhere. They were being held in place by the wax seals of the envelopes they laid on. Those were, pokeballs. He would soon have one, inside he could see the tiny creatures shifting. The semi-transparent red tops giving him the sight of their silhouettes. One of those would soon be his, and he would finally get his chance to make something out of himself. Make his city proud, like his sister. "Now pay attention," the woman said abruptly, causing some of the kids to snap their heads up in attention. Riku slowly moved his gaze over towards her, "My name is Seven. That's a code name - no questions, you will receive no answers. You will always address me as such. I will be the one who will watch over you on your journey. You will never see me. You will soon doubt that I am even there. My mission is simple: protect you and help you on your journey. You may think this is some fun trip to candyland and you can just take it easy and quit if it gets too hard. You're wrong."

    Her cold hazel eyes narrowed as she looked over the expression of the teenagers. When her eyes met his, he scoffed. She ignored it, for the best, he wouldn't want big ol' mean Seven to get angry. 'After all, six must be afraid of seven for a reason right?' Oh, how Riku cracked himself up. "The moment you got here your whole life changed. No more carefree teenage days, you hear me? This is serious. The future of the Balance depends on your success. If you move on from here there is no turning back. You cannot quit. You cannot go home. Never forget that, or you will face the consequences. I am sure He explained that in the letter." Riku shifted a bit, he was actually interested in what this woman had to say. It sounded...interesting. She handed a pokeball to one of the other boys int he group and looked at the capsule as it lay there in the boy's palm. "This is the most valuable thing in your life starting now. Never lose, forget, or mistreat your Pokémon. I don't except much from any of you. You could never understand." After a few moments, Riku held the red and white sphere in his palm that he had been yearning for since he was younger.

    "Get to know your partner. Battle a simple Wild Pokémon. If you lose badly, this is where your Journey ends. If you somehow manage to win or at least do well enough I will give you too-curious-for-your-own-good children a few answers as to why you are here. Good Luck - you'll need it." Riku tightened his grip on the pokeball and looked over the grass besides them. He smirked, he could do this. He looked down at the ball, past the semi-transparent red glass top there was a pokemon looking back at him. Yellow, red cheeks, long ears, lighting bolt tail. He nodded his head in approval, not a bad starting option. Pikachu, female, not too strong at this point, from the looks of her around level five. At this point, it most likely knows one damaging attack and one status attack. He looked down again, she was a mouse alright. Remembering the old Mickey and Minnie Mouse character he heard about. "Minney mouse, you will become the strongest and most reliable on my team. You and I will face this together, are you ready?" Riku didn't bother to wait fora response, his face was intense and concentrated now. He took a few steps towards the grass and looked into the depths of grass blades. His cold eyes looked down at Minney, she wasn't only a pokemon, she was the chance to make a name for himself, to make sure everyone in the land knew who he was. Maybe then...his father would return.
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