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Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
It looks awesome, the text box looks cool :o and the idea is nice, but i wanna look up sky form reggigas, I never heard of it...
Good luck!

I had a similar idea for regigigas for my hack, but not like, a whole new form, just something different~
When Platinum was first announced, it was rumored that Regigigas would be receiving a Sky Forme. However, it was Shaymin that received the Forme. I always felt that a Sky Forme Regigigas would have been awesome, but his stats without Slow Start would of been... lol.

Originally Posted by jamiemurtha7 View Post
when can i download this?
I am looking at a release date of around Q4 2013 or Q1 2014. It will get completed. Could be as early as Q3 2013. However, inserting ASM and learning new things along the way will take time. Then, I'll need my beta testing phase.

Originally Posted by glaceon12 View Post
Well it just so happens that I have a list of Pokemon I'd love to see in this game namely: ((I'll just give one Pokemon eg. Eevee for Eevee and its evolutions)) Porygon, Lillipup, Castform, Deino, Sneasel, Budew, Staryu, Elekid, Pawniard, Petilil, Tynamo, Riolu, Solosis, Ralts, Poliwag, Duskull, Yanma, Seviper, Growlithe, Togepi. That's about 50 Pokemon.
Sounds great! I actually didn't want to choose all the Pokemon for the Regional Dex because it will just end up as a Pokedex favorite list 0_o lol. More recommendations from anybody else, highly appreciated!

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