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    Originally Posted by DaleH771 View Post
    Wow, that is a sweet region map! I don't like the outside however, everything is tinted red like its a late autumn evening? Unless you've somehow inserted seasons then that should be changed, it looks displeasing >.< other than that an the OW, looks good!
    Thanks! I have day and night inserted and I took all my screenshots during sunset which was between 6pm and 8pm, lol.

    Here's Route 49, the first route (not really, having to pass through a small portion of Route 57 which is accessed later in the game), like Johto's Route 46. Youngster Joey resides here... hehehe. Connections to Route 57 and Seaview Town.
    Deleted - Updated

    And here's Route 57 where Murk Cave is located, one of the two routes along the downhill path from Ignite Heights, located in the most north western section of the Taejo Region. Connections to Route 56, Route 49, and Brighton Town.
    Route 56 will be more mountainous.
    Deleted - Updated

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