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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
\So this time, I told myself, "No. We are going to train them all equally." And guess what? I'm about 90 cumulative levels behind the E4 and I really don't want to finish the game now. :(
Lol I always do this, I'm somewhat OCD about it, actually.
Also, EternallyAnna, your thread names are awesome!

Okay. To be honest, I think they were a little harder (especially N/Ghetsis) but having the Elite Four all the same level made it a little easier, I felt. (If they had gone up in ranking it would've been bad for the game because of how you have to challenge them twice, etc) But yeah, Ghetsis was pretty difficult with his Hydreigon. And I'd have to say Alder was too, but I think I was somewhat overleveled at that point. XD
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