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Sovereign Rainforest- Hoodhide's Village

Zane looked at Defender, concerned. He wasn't acting like he was moments before, but maybe it was the paralyzing affect wearing off. Zane didn't know what to expect, but at the moment, he only appeared to be confused. "Hey... wait. Where are we?" He asked. Zane exchanged looks with some of the others. It was as if none of this had happened at all. Like he had completely forgotten what occurred. A sudden realization came to Defender.

"Uh... wait... THE AMBUSH!" He exclaimed, as if realizing what he forgotten. He began asking question about how it went, before turning his attention to the topic of Dark Lightning.

"You...don't remember anything?" Zane asked him. He felt bad inside. It was enough to have to relive those events, but to have to say them again to someone would make it all worse. "Defender...the ambush..." He began, not knowing how to put it.

"Was a success!" A voice said from behind. Zane turned to see Lyn speaking, smiling brightly at Defender. "You got knocked out, but your plan went off without a hitch, and we rescued Roswell's brother. Roswell said that Noctus here would lead us into Albia!" Lyn turned to Noctus. "Isn't that right, Noctus?" She asked him.

"Err...yea. I'll be taking you guys to finish you job." He said, playing with the rouse for now. Lyn nodded at him, still smiling brightly. She turned back to Defender and continued.

"Dark Lightning traveled to meet with General Belas and General Hazone and update them on our status, and see theirs as well. We'll probably meet up with him again when the battle starts."

Zane looked at Lyn stunned. He wondered for a moment why she would lie to him like that. The others gave similar looks. Maybe this was for the best, but it also made Zane feel horrible inside. Because if Defender actually would find out the truth, who knows how bad things could get.

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