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Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post

Name: Daniel Evans
2 Partner Pokemon: Feraligatr and Blastoise
Why do you want to swim with us?: Always picked Water-Types during my main playthrough. I also never got the chance to join the past Water-Type Club cause it was closed.
Answer Current topic: I absolutely love Blastoise in the First Generation. Being a vital role in my team, it destroyed them Grass-Types with Ice Beam. How useful can a Water-Type with Ice Beam be against them Grass-Types?
Welcome, I look forward to your opinions and such ;-D

Using a Water Type against Grass type is an interesting strategy, sometimes I do that too, to throw off my opponent and make them bring out a Pokemon that I have a advantage over. (eg. Water type with Ice move, "oh its a water type, I guess I should use my grass type!" lol nope!)

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
Name: Avishka
2 Partner Pokemon: Vaporeon and mudkip
Why do you want to swim with us?: Water pokemon are elegant, have good stats, and have one of the best designs there are.

New Topic

Do you use the move Aqua Jet? If so how do you use it effectively?