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Sovereign Rainforest- Hoodhide's Village

Zane gathered around with the others as they formed a large circle. Penance began speaking about another plan to infiltrate the city. Truth be told, Zane had trouble listening at first, still remembering how moments earlier he was acting so much differently. He didn't even know what caused him to snap out of it. Zane tried to shake off these thoughts and get back to what everyone was saying. Defender was currently mentioned someone who would need to go door to door to warn the citizens what would be happening.

"I could probably do that." Calamity said. "Although I doubt I'd be able to get to all of them, I might be able to reach enough so that they themselves would spread the message as well."

Defender continued to talk about the plan, now describing the strategy for taking out Sentinels if they were to see any. The very mention of them made Zane think back at what he saw at the ambush site. There were definitely going to be Sentinels. He hoped the situation wouldn't repeat itself though.

"Seems sound to me." Zane said, agreeing with Defender's plan, trying to make everything seem normal.

TrueStriker then addressed an earlier question that Bloodthirster had.

"To answer your question, Ragnaros, if memory's right, the army marches on Albia a week from the time of our meeting back in Eternity. If it hasn't been a week yet, then we may have some time to smooth out our plans."

"He's right." Zane added. "It's only been about six days since we left Eternity City. We have the rest of today to plan out what we're going to do in Albia, and tomorrow the armies should be marching."

Noctus stepped forward. "Good plan you got there...but..." He pulled out a map of Albia he had in between the shoulder of his armor. "'s going to be a lot easier when you see what I've got in store for you." Zane bent over and looked at the map. It was a map of Albia, as he expected, but all across of it were notes and scribbles, as well as arrows of pathways Zane never knew existed. "There are literally dozens of ways into Albia. Just depends where you're headed." Noctus continued. "Since we're going to the watchtowers..." He flipped the map over, revealing a map of a different zone, appearing to have the same layout and shape as Albia, but instead appearing to be underneath the city. "...we're gonna go through the sewers. Now, nobody knows about these except the thieves. We've got a whole buncha ways into the sewers, and a lot of different roads we dug up for ourselves. Our best bet is to take the north entrance, which is about ten kilometers north of Albia, just out of range of the north watchtowers. We could sneak in to the sewer entrance there, and make our way to the watchtowers underneath. There's paths down there that come up right under the four watchtowers. I can show one group where mine is, and draw a map for the other three."

It was amazing to Zane that something like this existed in Albia. On one hand, he felt a bit ashamed and insulted that the thieves built upon Albia's sewer systems into an elaborate getaway, and basically use the city for their own purposes. On the other hand, he was grateful such an easy way existed to begin with. But there was a more pressing concern for him. He had no idea the extent of the alliance between the thieves and the Silver Tribe. He had to ask Noctus if there was a chance that the thieves could have told them about this, without alerting Defender.

"Umm, Noctus. Is there a way somebody could be waiting for us down there?" He asked. Noctus looked at him, trying to figure out what he meant. "Meaning, someone could have found out about these paths." Seeming to understand what he was implying, Noctus answered, taking a short look at Defender before he did.

"Oh. I wouldn't worry about that. You don't come travel through the sewers looking to get caught. There are literally hundreds of directions that Pokemon can go under there. It would take an army to navigate under there and find every path down there without getting lost, and I doubt they'd waste an army for that, if they really did find out about it."

This was reassurance enough for Zane. He nodded in understanding.

"We can go in groups of three or so to each path and come up right under their noses. But one thing. I know the ways into Albia, but I don't know much about the city itself. So I can't help you there."

"I might be able to help out there." Zane said. "I've been to Albia quite a bit of times in my life. Albia's style is a lot different than Eternity City. There's almost no large or tall buildings, but instead many, smaller homes. Unlike Eternity, Albia is spread over a large area of land, substituting height for length. Going on rooftops might not be the best idea, though. Those four watchtowers around the city are the tallest buildings in Albia by far. They give them a 360 degree view of no just the city but the surrounding area as well. The sight of he buildings is dangerous, but the most deadly things about the watchtowers is the cannons on top of them. Upon each tower is positioned a Hyper Beam Cannon."

Every Gold Tribe member was required to learn about their own history in the Gold Tribe school they went to, no matter which one it was. This would be a reason everyone of them would be familiar with the Hyper Beam Cannons. They were an invention of a Gold Tribe member 100 years ago, an Emploeon by the title of "Tidechanger". In a battle in Poseida Village at that time, the first Hyper Beam Cannon was said to have taken out over a hundred Pokemon in a single shot. Of course, the current Hyper Beam Cannons have evolved since then, reducing the power for accuracy, but they still were extremely dangerous.

"We have to take them out before the army arrives, or they'll get annihilated."

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