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Iruzja Aleksandrov

Iruzja is a woman of petite figure; she stands at a meager five feet four inches, with a generally scrawny build. Her thin arms belie the great amount of swing they pack, a result of the physical exercises she was more or less forced to do while on various treasure-hunting adventures. She sports an ambiguous tattoo on her left thigh; most assumes that it is a bird of some sort, though none quite dared to brave Iruzja's stoic personality in order to seek confirmation.

A woman of Russian descent, Iruzja possesses the pale complexion that is common amongst her countrymen. Her face is circular in shape, defined by a pair of rather vague dimples and a very prominent jaw. Her slanted eyes, nearly black in color, perpetually reflects her cold, aloof personality. The fair hair that crowns her head flows down to reach her shoulders in curly wisps. Over her head, she dons a black ushanka* with white fur lining and a butterfly broach attached to said lining.

Her attire consists of a two-piece garment; a black coat reaching down to her knees worn with a matching pair of pants. Adorning her legs are a pair of combat boots, lined with white fur similarly with the rest of her clothes. In warmer occasions she will take off her coat to reveal a simple white tank top, although since she wears only underwear under her pants she tends to keep the latter on regardless of the temperature. Iruzja underwent close combat training in the past, so she always keeps a weapon with her. The kind of weapon varies from occasion to occasion, though most often she carries a slingshot, a pistol or most often, a dagger.
Roleplay Sample:

"Iruzja! We found it!"

The fourteen-year-old trainer grinned benevolently, his index finger pointing towards a treasure chest with contents of untold worth. Peeking out from the holes in the lid were several gold bars, jeweled necklaces and ancient swords--nothing Iruzja haven't seen before, naturally, but certainly one she doesn't see often. "Oh, I can't wait to eat all the wonderful food I'll get with my cut!"

Iruzja stepped forward towards the trainer, before putting a hand on his shoulder. "Your cut?" she asked, her gaze fixed on the treasure.

"Yeah! You're not going to break your promise, are you...?" he said unwittingly, a trace of concern now apparent in his eyes. He had no idea who he was dealing with; Iruzja Aleksandrov, treasure hunter extraordinaire. Iruzja smirked a little at his naivete, reaching into the split of her coat, wherein a pocket was sewed.

"I keep my promises. You won't have to scavenge through trash for food anymore," she replied calmly, her hand fingering the wooden hilt of her silver dagger. "After all, a dead man won't need any such things," she said, before quickly pressing the knife against the boy's heart.

"Wh-what...?" was all he could manage before he slumped to the floor. While he bled to his death, Iruzja cranked open the chest and gathered all of the treasures into the sack she carried with her. She wouldn't need to dispose the body; after all, it may not be found in well over a century, and by then he'd be nothing more than an unrecognizable pile of bones. Remote caves untouched for decades make for the perfect crime scenes; one of the reasons Iruzja loves this job. After she was done gathering the treasures, Iruzja made her descension from the mountain.
Allewiese is a cafe in downtown Goldenrod City with a fancy art deco atmosphere. Each table is separated from another by four tall screens depicting Renaissance Era-esque frescoes, most likely to make the diners feel exclusive. Iruzja needed no such pretense, as she feels enough of a recluse as it is, but it did make for the perfect place for her and her clients to do their shady dealings. The treasures she acquired from the Central Unovian cave was now packed neatly in a big suitcase, kept between her legs while she sipped her coffee.

At last, her client arrived. Mr. Key, as he was known around these parts, was a man that controlled much of the mafia that circulated around the central Johto region. He made his entrance to the restaurant guarded by four burly men, and the entourage made their way to Iruzja's table.

"I take it you have the items?" he asked briefly. Mr. Key is a long-time client of Iruzja's, and he knew of her skills all too well. There was not a shadow of doubt in his mind that the answer to his question was yes. And he, of course, was correct.

Iruzja lifted the suitcase and pushed it across the table. "There's not a single ring left in that cave. Now the payment, if you please," Iruzja replied, eyeing the briefcase one of the men carried.

"Of course. Give her the payment," Mr. Key ordered. The bodyguard did as he was told, and handed Iruzja the briefcase. "Pleasure doing business with you. If anything comes up, I'll be sure to call you again."

"So long as you've got the cash, I am forever at your service," Iruzja said, before getting up to leave.

"One more thing," Mr. Key said, stopping Iruzja from making her exit. "Have you heard of the Pandora news?"

Iruzja nodded. "In my line of work, that kind of rumor does not go by unnoticed."

"Then I assume you've heard of Jude Laughner, as well?"

"I can't say I have. Does he have anything to do with the Pandora treasure?"

Mr. Key smirked a little before replying. "He has everything to do with it. Should you find the treasure and bring it to him, you'll be paid outrageous amounts, or so I've heard. There'll be competition, of course, but nothing you can't handle, yes?"

"I shall look into it. And I assume you'd want something in return?"

"Hah! You wound me, Iruzja. It's nothing more than a tip of the hat for a valued business partner," Mr. Key said, putting a hand over his heart as if he was hurt.

"Then I thank you. How am I to contact this Laughner?" Iruzja inquired briefly. She was not completely convinced of Mr. Key's sincerity, but she decided to take his word for it.

"No need. I'll make all the arrangements. Consider it a bonus for doing so well on your tasks all these years, eh?"

"Okay. I'll be on my way now," Iruzja said coolly, before finally leaving.


It turned out that Mr. Key kept his word. When Iruzja woke up the next morning, she found an envelope slid under her door, addressed to "Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire", from "Jude Laughner". Iruzja began reading.


I am Jude Laughner, and I have heard from a certain someone that you, the so-called Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire, have shown interest in the treasure of the four brothers. I will need as much help as I can in finding this treasure! Why is that, you may ask? Well, I can guarantee that even a tenth of it is superior to all the wealth you've accumulated during all your famous hunts! You'll be compensated quite handsomely should you succeed to find it, naturally.

If you find that you still maintain your interest after you read this note (and I can hardly imagine why you wouldn't!) then please make your way to my office, the address of which is written on the back of this letter. I anxiously await you!

Sincerely, Jude Laughner."

Iruzja slipped the letter into her coat. "Pandora, hmm..." she mumbled to herself, before going through the door. This time, her destination was Jude Laughner's office.


A knocking sound could be heard from the wooden door leading to Jude Laughner's office. The treasure hunter has been expecting Iruzja's arrival, and was indeed quite excited to register a professional help on this hunt. "Come in, the door's not locked!" he called out merrily. He was replied to with the creaking sound of the door opening.

"I am Iruzja Aleksandrov. I trust you have a job for me?" Iruzja asked briefly.

"Well why don't you sit down for a minute? I'll pour you a glass of wine and we'll talk," Laughner said, an all-too-gleeful expression painted across his face.

"I am not alcoholic, and I dislike beating around the bush," Iruzja replied, her voice stern and monotonous. "To the point, please."

Laughner quickly shed his innocent facade and put on a knowing smile. "Very well. Pandora is the so-called mythical region once led to glory by the four brothers, whose rule over the prosperous land acquired them a great amount of treasure. Thought to be none more than a fairytale until very recently, Dr. Arden Stone revealed its existence, backed with decisive evidence, to the world. This much you are aware of, yes?"

"That's correct. Continue."

Laughner nodded and resumed his story. "These four brothers...they managed to hide their fortunes somewhere in Pandora before their ultimate demise at the hands of their people. It is my wish to recover this treasure from the depths of Pandora. I have heard good things of you from Key, and, naturally, I want you to find this treasure for me."

"Understood. Now, about my fees..." Iruzja began.

"Hah! You don't miss a beat, do you?" Laughner interrupted. "I have been informed that you charge an amount with a great many zeroes at the end. However, what I offer is far more valuable," he said, leaning across the table and looking Iruzja in the eye. "You find me that treasure, and we'll be splitting it right down the middle. What do you say?"

A silent pause arose between them as Iruzja considered her options. She didn't hesitate for long.

"Done. I will start immediately."
*Ushanka is a type of Russian hat; it's not what she's wearing in the picture since I don't know what it's called, but I do mean that type of hat (in the picture).

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