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    Originally Posted by Nicole Peterson View Post
    Its soo amazing! I love it!

    Originally Posted by Pingouin7 View Post
    It's great, though I can't help but notice an error in Pallet Town's music. :/
    I think I understand what you think is wrong. Is it the wave instrument? Yeah, it really pained me that I could never get it sounding quite right. It's even more noticeable in places like Lavender Town and Pokémon Tower.

    I'll be ecstatic if anyone is able to make it sound just right. Who knows, maybe I'll give the wave another try, too!

    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    This is exactly what I was hoping someone would do with my Music Table swapping hack when I wrote it. I look forward to potentially seeing even more 8 bit tunes running on GBA.

    I like all the nice little touches, like the 8 bit versions of FRLG specific music (stuff that wasn't in RBY, I mean). You didn't have to do that, but you did, and it's a nice little touch.

    Small criticism - to me the Trainer Battle music sounds off. Not sure exactly what - it just doesn't sound right.
    I wanted to make every possible sound to be heard in 8-bit, if only to allow players to be immersed in the atmosphere of it all. I went so far as to even give a small effort into making the RSE trainer battle music 8-bit, too! Just do a Link Battle for it. I'll be happy to take any criticisms of it and improve myself off of them. Same goes for the "adjusted" credits music.

    As for certain sound effects, such as Level Up/Item Get (why they are the same in this game I will never know...they even had separate tunes in the original RGBY) and Game Corner jingles, they are currently unchanged in any way. Whenever I tried to change them in Sappy, they would become muted in the actual game (they sounded fine in the program). Any ideas on this?

    And those off tunes...they're really starting to bug me now. You know what? I'm going to give this project another go! I'll see how much better I can make this hack with time! And I don't want to just stop at more musical enhancements.

    Also, I since worked out how to create a carryable item which is capable of switching the music too. I could forward that code to you if you wanted - it doesn't require JPAN's hack, it runs on code already in the game.
    Ooh, really? That would be great! I tried making a custom item with JPAN's hacked engine late into my work, but I could never get it right. Every time I tried using it, the game froze. I'd love to be able to get this thing working.

    Just out of curiosity, this code will work for making a Key Item, right?

    And don't worry, people. I'll give you access to it right at the beginning of the game.

    NOSTALGIA!!!!!!! :D:D:D
    Yep! That's exactly what I was going for. I'm a major gamer at heart, both classic and current, and I have a real passion for seeing old classics get remastered at excellently as possible. I've supported game companies who've done this (Nintendo with Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Square Enix with Chrono Trigger for the DS, etc.) and have even worked on another hack for a classic game with all intentions of making it as polished as possible.

    Something as delicate as Pokémon needs to be approached with caution. Pokémon Red is one of my favorite games of all time, yet I couldn't help but feel that FireRed was a bit...out of place for me. It took until I got the GB Sounds item in SoulSilver years later that I realized what it was: those classic 8-bit tunes. Once I started doing my own work to put a few of them in, waves of nostalgia really did sink in. Seriously, my spine shivered from hearing them ingame the first time.

    But now I don't want to stop there. If there's anything else I can change to bring in more charm of the original games while keeping the polished, non-overwhelming system of the 3rd-gen games, I'll be sure to try to do something about it. Improvements will also always be on my mind.

    It's very humbling to know that I could please someone as accomplished at PokéCommunity as you, BTW.
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