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    -Received S.S. Ticket from Prof. Elm
    -Rode to Cherrygrove City and withdrew Feraligatr, Staraptor and Gyarados from the PC
    -Went to Olivine Harbor and met up with Prof. Oak who gave me the Lock Capsule
    -Boarded Fast Ship S.S. Aqua
    -Did the mini-quest aboard S.S. Aqua
    -Arrived in Vermillion City
    -Saw Suicune again
    -As Snorlax wasn't blocking the path into Diglett's Cave and I was unable to go to Saffron City, I decided to head to Pewter City
    -Arrived in Pewter City
    -Obtained the Rainbow Wing
    -Challenged and defeated Brock
    -Received the Boulder Badge and TM80 Rock Slide
    -Registered Brock in the PG
    -Headed towards Cerulean City and my next Gym Battle
    -Battled against Duskmon and defeated him again
    -Got through Mt. Moon
    -Arrived in Cerulean City
    -Headed to the Power Plant
    -Fixed up the problem at the Power Plant
    -Obtained the Red Chain
    -Saved progress for now


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