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Jimmy Vincent
Academy Grounds

Jimmy Vincent got his arms off Rosalyn, when she thanked him and told him he was her best friend. Her cheeks were no longer reddish, and she looked calmer at that moment. That made Jimmy feel better as well, as he now wouldn't have to bother asking about other people's feelings -something he had rarely done and disliked so much. But what he didn't realise was that the hug lasted for a whole minute, and that normal hugs usually take less. But, then again, Rosalyn Smith was the only person that hugged the rebellious-looking kid.

Then, Rosalyn asked Jimmy what he wanted to do before it got too late. Jimmy just shrugged, he hadn't put much thought into that. What could he do indeed...He took a quick look at the Pokéballs around his belt, and an idea popped into his mind.

"Humph, I dunno. We could train some, or whatever." he said.

His voice turned back to sounding like the tough-guy-wannabe voice that was so typical of him. He had the urge to go back like that, he did not want to go "soft" for much longer. He waited patiently for Rosalyn to reply as he combed his hair with his hands, trying to remake the pompadour that was messed up by a pack of Houndour just hours before.

Alice Crenshaw
Entei Dorm

Alice's eyes opened in the middle of the night. She seemed scared about something, most likely a bad dream she had. She looked around and sighed in relief, feeling glad that whatever she thought had happened was just her subconscious' work. She took a quick look at Jello, the purple Solosis who slept comfortably surrounded by the girl's arms. After that she closed her eyes and tried to resume her sleep, hoping that bad dreams didn't come back to haunt her again.
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