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    Originally Posted by ShinyDragonHunter View Post
    I've applied the patch to a ROM with an edited songtable and music changes, it appears to run just fine.
    If I were to insert a new song after the Teachy TV song, would that be affected by the GB Player?
    If the main table's listings/tracks were only changed, not extended, and no data currently exists at 0x800000, then the patch should work properly. Of course, a few other things will also change as mentioned in the 1st post.

    My custom table only goes as far as the original table, so it stops at the Teachy TV tune as well. You'd have to extend both the original table and my custom one to add in new tracks (on top of the ones already present) to the game. As long as both tables are the same length and there are tracks specified for both tables, the tunes will be affected by the GB Player as expected.
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