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    George Edmunds

    George watched as the events unfolded before him. He saw no real reason to intervene any more than he already had as the others handled the situation well. He nodded when addressed and watched in a daze. He had zoned out even to the point where he had not noticed Arti entering and leaving.

    Five minutes after Wess’ and his Quagsire departed George still stood in his stupor. IT was then that he felt a nip at his ankle. Kane had thought it prudent to wake his master from his half sleep and it had indeed worked. George shook his head and blinked before looking down at the growlithe, Bagon and Buizel which stared up at him. “Sorry you three…I have no idea what I was doing there. Thank you Kane…but next time be a bit gentler, okay?” He smiled and yawned. “Enough lounging around I think! Lets go for a walk. Nothing like a walk under the stars!” He paused for a moment with a look of deep thought on his face. “We should probably stick to the grounds for now though. Don’t want to get lost!” George chuckled as he said this and turned on his heel before heading to the door. Kane barked approval and the other two made sounds of equal joviality at the prospect of more exploration.

    The crisp night air seemed to caress George’s face as he stepped out of the main Academy doors. The grounds were illuminated in the gentle silver of moonlight. “Seems to have gotten dark early tonight,” George said to no one in particular. His three pokemon followed close behind as he stepped onto the well groomed lawn which lay in front of the academy buildings.
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